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11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
7/22/08 Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
7/14/08 Made in the Shade
7/6/08 Dust devils
6/14/08 Lincoln abound
6/17/08 excuses excuses
5/6-9/08 Lovin on the side
4/26/08 p x p (rho by rho)
4/13/08 In about an hour x 6
4/12/08 Cut it out
4/7/08 Urea! I've found it!
4/5/08 Hit the lights will ya?
3/2/08 I forgot
1/10/08 Back Burner
12/15/07 40 winks
12/8/07 Like a cool mountain stream...
12/4/07 John Madden, Freelance Plumber
12/3/07 Caulk the Caulk
12/2/07 Creepy Crawlers
11/30/07 Talk the Talk
11/23/07 Field Trip!
9/1/07 Relocation
8/26/07 A Tasket
8/18/07 Electric Sheep
7/16/07 2nd Quarter Projections
5/27/07 [DONE]
5/26/07 Season 2
5/24/07 1095
5/19,20/07 Slime Time
5/17/07 Root of all evil
5/14/07 That old sweet song
5/13/07 Till her about it
5/9/07 Power Plant
5/6/07 It ain't easy being green
4/23,25/07 Xavier Approved
4/12-13/07 Dig in
4/10/07 Take 3
3/24-25/07 Roll Tape!
3/12/07 Picture that
3/12/07 Disco Inferno
3/10-11/07 Springing back to work
12/03/06 Despair Repair
11/30/06 PANTS!
11/27/06 All ups
10/21/06 Windows Vista
9/1/06-11/24/06 Taking a stand
10/14-10/06 Baby Cakes
8/25/06-9/25/06 Fasting
8/28-30/06 Finish what you got part 2
8/26-27/06 Finish what you got
8/21/06 Thinking inside of a box
7/8/06 Put a lid on it
7/4/06 Door #3
6/24/06 Case closed
6/20/06 Wackadoodle!
6/17/06 Cool it!
4/26/06 Inch by inch
4/15/06 I got da blues
4/14/06 8 is enough... 75 is better!
4/08,12/06 Clearing a path
4/07/06 Shortcake in progress
3/21/06 * Rosebed....
3/11/06-4/13/06 What's cookin
12/21/05 Penggy Bank
12/3,4/05 Holiday decorations
11/19,20/05 Bluedilly Doo
11/19,20/05 Stormy Weather
11/12,13/05 Everybody needs a little romance
10/18/05 Roses by the stairs
10/8/05 Whoops
10/4/05 Ground Support
10/2/05 West Side Story
9/25/05 Fall Pickup + Fan Fix
9/12/05 Up in Arms
9/10/05 A good Off-Fence
9/8/05 French Fence Prep School
9/5-9/05 True Blue
8/27/05, 9/3/05 Blown away
7/24/05 When it's a jar
7/3/05 Processed
7/2/05 It worked?
6/25/05 One in a million
6/24/05 Floored
6/23/05 Me Amadeus
6/21/05 Hit the dek!
6/13/05 The green stuff
5/22/05 Aww Shucks
4/23/05 Top of the World
4/22/05 Stair Master
4/18-21/05 Stain Master
4/11/05 Boogie Woogie Woogie
4/3/05 It's a doosie!
3/27/05 ISO Plastic Chicken
3/19/05 Knock Knock
3/12/05 um.... Liza?
3/12/05 It's about time
3/10/05 Next... the horse
2/21/05 Veni Vedi Vici
2/20/05 And if you look to your left...
2/20/05 Lite Brite
2/16/05 Sneeky cat
2/14/05 Stop the Draft!!
1/10/05 Draft
12/10/05 Christmas time is here
11/1/04 Timber!!
10/28/04 Whiter Shade of Pale
10/12/04 Knock Knock
10/10/04 Mood Lighting
9/28/04 Cleaning the Basement
7/20/04 The 'End'
7/17-18/04 Now that's a horse of a different color
7/16/04 Extinct
7/11-12/04 Squeakie
7/1/04 Go back from whence you came
6/30/04 If I were a rich man
6/29/04 Angels, devils, a thorn in my side
6/28/04 Hey have you seen the neighbors? You will now! (part 2)
6/22/04 Hey have you seen the neighbors? You will now!
6/12/04 Progress Street
6/10/04 Returns
6/9/04 The Angry Inch
6/8/04 Showerman Party of 6...
6/1/04 .....Two Bits
5/29/04 Made in the Shade
5/27/04 Apocalypse WOW!
5/25/04 Rohr Shows Off
5/24/04 Working The Garden
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  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
  • 11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
  • All old woodworking projects except the deck fence have been copied (but not removed) from here to Woodwork. Now you'll have two pages to come see for updates on my projects!
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    Fasting - 8/25/06-9/25/06

    I don't think I fully explained this on the site before. But now you will know the full story to my money saving for September.

    Tales of an addictive shopper:I am usually quite good at keeping my spending down. However, once I start, I have a tough time stopping. I remember a time when I spent a ton of money at Rite Aid when I was in first grade (about 20 bucks). I got in serious trouble. I think it included a star wars coloring book and a toy from a show I can't remember when I was little. It involved a guy who had a sword that was split in half. He and the bad guy had the two parts. Horrible show.. but anyhow.. back to the present
    I shut down my spending to save for the roof and gutters. Then, I saved up for my car. But now, I have somewhat of a surplus... And I want to keep it. That way, when there is something I really want (or more importantly need) down the line.. I can have it without any big struggle.

    In that light, I decided not to spend money for 1 month from the day I bought my car. Now this isn't just keeping my spending down. It is not spending a single cent.

    The rules:

    • Bills don't factor in. Any utilities or mortgage payments go as planned. Credit card bills from previous months will be paid as well.
    • Standard income can not be used (salary, rent)
    • Previously acquired gift cards can not be used
    • Debts (like owed lunches, borrowed money and such) can be called in
    • Poker winnings/losses can be included
    • No credit card purchases
    • I can return things to stores to get income
    • I can sell things I already own for income. Selling the Camry doesn't count though since it's sale was previously setup
    • Any borrowed money must be paid off before the end of the month

    The Verdict: Most of the people I told thoguht I was kinda nuts. "how will you eat?" came up the most often. For food I did my best to clear out things in the pantry that had been taking up residence. I limited my purchase at the grocery store to some generic brands and to things that would make use of the products I had at home already. Dining was pretty easy. I had lunch at my desk more. When I went out, I was able to bring in a lot of owed lunches. It worked out pretty well.

    I was able to return a lot of things to stores and sold off an air conditioner that was sitting around. For things I couldn't sell, I donated. But I didn't count that as income at all. I even remembered that I had bought a pair of glasses that the store never called me about. I was able to return them and ge a lot of money back. Poker was back and forth. I imagine I about broke even. I bought a pair of shoes and a few tanks of gas here and there. I don't think that I bought anything terribly exciting. Some stain and brushes. But that was money I got from returning similar items to stores. I even had a free trial subscription to Blockbuster online. I got to watch tons of movies for free!

    So yeah, I pulled it off. Best of all. I cleaned out a lot of my room, basement and shop. With it all put together (spending and returning) I made around 250 dollars that month. Not too shabby!