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  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
  • 11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
  • All old woodworking projects except the deck fence have been copied (but not removed) from here to Woodwork. Now you'll have two pages to come see for updates on my projects!
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    Quicksand 1 - 11/23/08-12/3/08

    Sunday morning I noticed that the kitchen faucet was leaking out the back. I went out to the store to find a nice replacement. While I was there I thought it would be good to look at a new sink. While I was looking at new sinks, I looked at garbage disposals. I left with everything I could think of that I'd need to do the works. My plan was to just redo the faucet and hang onto the rest for a later project.


    Soon after I started taking things apart I realized that the old faucet was a part of the old sink. With the option of swapping faucets no longer an option, I began removing the sink. It was a royal pain in the butt to remove. Lots of prying, chisling, hammering, unscrewing and pulling. Once I got it out I was more than happy to toss it onto the driveway. Boy that felt good.
    I took advantage of the open space to work on the supply pipes. The hot and cold water pipes came up rather high. To make things easier for making connections I wanted to make them about 6 inches shorter. The first step (after shutting off the water) is to cut the pipes and refit them. I decided to try out the SharkBite fittings. They use sort of a compression fitting to join pipes. It worked quite well and saved me from buying a torch and solder. While I was down there I also switched to 1/4 turn shut off valves.