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11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
7/22/08 Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
7/14/08 Made in the Shade
7/6/08 Dust devils
6/14/08 Lincoln abound
6/17/08 excuses excuses
5/6-9/08 Lovin on the side
4/26/08 p x p (rho by rho)
4/13/08 In about an hour x 6
4/12/08 Cut it out
4/7/08 Urea! I've found it!
4/5/08 Hit the lights will ya?
3/2/08 I forgot
1/10/08 Back Burner
12/15/07 40 winks
12/8/07 Like a cool mountain stream...
12/4/07 John Madden, Freelance Plumber
12/3/07 Caulk the Caulk
12/2/07 Creepy Crawlers
11/30/07 Talk the Talk
11/23/07 Field Trip!
9/1/07 Relocation
8/26/07 A Tasket
8/18/07 Electric Sheep
7/16/07 2nd Quarter Projections
5/27/07 [DONE]
5/26/07 Season 2
5/24/07 1095
5/19,20/07 Slime Time
5/17/07 Root of all evil
5/14/07 That old sweet song
5/13/07 Till her about it
5/9/07 Power Plant
5/6/07 It ain't easy being green
4/23,25/07 Xavier Approved
4/12-13/07 Dig in
4/10/07 Take 3
3/24-25/07 Roll Tape!
3/12/07 Picture that
3/12/07 Disco Inferno
3/10-11/07 Springing back to work
12/03/06 Despair Repair
11/30/06 PANTS!
11/27/06 All ups
10/21/06 Windows Vista
9/1/06-11/24/06 Taking a stand
10/14-10/06 Baby Cakes
8/25/06-9/25/06 Fasting
8/28-30/06 Finish what you got part 2
8/26-27/06 Finish what you got
8/21/06 Thinking inside of a box
7/8/06 Put a lid on it
7/4/06 Door #3
6/24/06 Case closed
6/20/06 Wackadoodle!
6/17/06 Cool it!
4/26/06 Inch by inch
4/15/06 I got da blues
4/14/06 8 is enough... 75 is better!
4/08,12/06 Clearing a path
4/07/06 Shortcake in progress
3/21/06 * Rosebed....
3/11/06-4/13/06 What's cookin
12/21/05 Penggy Bank
12/3,4/05 Holiday decorations
11/19,20/05 Bluedilly Doo
11/19,20/05 Stormy Weather
11/12,13/05 Everybody needs a little romance
10/18/05 Roses by the stairs
10/8/05 Whoops
10/4/05 Ground Support
10/2/05 West Side Story
9/25/05 Fall Pickup + Fan Fix
9/12/05 Up in Arms
9/10/05 A good Off-Fence
9/8/05 French Fence Prep School
9/5-9/05 True Blue
8/27/05, 9/3/05 Blown away
7/24/05 When it's a jar
7/3/05 Processed
7/2/05 It worked?
6/25/05 One in a million
6/24/05 Floored
6/23/05 Me Amadeus
6/21/05 Hit the dek!
6/13/05 The green stuff
5/22/05 Aww Shucks
4/23/05 Top of the World
4/22/05 Stair Master
4/18-21/05 Stain Master
4/11/05 Boogie Woogie Woogie
4/3/05 It's a doosie!
3/27/05 ISO Plastic Chicken
3/19/05 Knock Knock
3/12/05 um.... Liza?
3/12/05 It's about time
3/10/05 Next... the horse
2/21/05 Veni Vedi Vici
2/20/05 And if you look to your left...
2/20/05 Lite Brite
2/16/05 Sneeky cat
2/14/05 Stop the Draft!!
1/10/05 Draft
12/10/05 Christmas time is here
11/1/04 Timber!!
10/28/04 Whiter Shade of Pale
10/12/04 Knock Knock
10/10/04 Mood Lighting
9/28/04 Cleaning the Basement
7/20/04 The 'End'
7/17-18/04 Now that's a horse of a different color
7/16/04 Extinct
7/11-12/04 Squeakie
7/1/04 Go back from whence you came
6/30/04 If I were a rich man
6/29/04 Angels, devils, a thorn in my side
6/28/04 Hey have you seen the neighbors? You will now! (part 2)
6/22/04 Hey have you seen the neighbors? You will now!
6/12/04 Progress Street
6/10/04 Returns
6/9/04 The Angry Inch
6/8/04 Showerman Party of 6...
6/1/04 .....Two Bits
5/29/04 Made in the Shade
5/27/04 Apocalypse WOW!
5/25/04 Rohr Shows Off
5/24/04 Working The Garden
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  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
  • 11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
  • All old woodworking projects except the deck fence have been copied (but not removed) from here to Woodwork. Now you'll have two pages to come see for updates on my projects!
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    Finish what you got part 2 - 8/28-30/06

    So when last we met I was doing some money saving and kicking through a couple more projects to finish them up.

    Spring Cleaning: Some folks have yard sales, but I went another way with it. I had a number of things that I could return to Home Depot. I packed it all up in the car and drove out. I was happy to find that I was able to return 2 drill bits, a spool of wire for triple switches, a 1x10x6' board, and a back of sanding disks for my orbital sander. All together I was able to get about 50 dollars or so out of that. Of course I bought a few things there. One was a bottle of crab grass killer. Apparently it was leaking so it was all wrapped up in a plastic bag. I couldn't believe that they would even put it on the shelf like that. Regardless, it was marked down to 50 cents. Well worth the ridiculous packaging. One of the items I bought must have come from Lowe's so I will have to return that another time.

    To get another chunk of change back I sold off an AC unit that I had bought recently. I just got the money back that I had spent on it. So essentially it was just like returning things to the store. The next day I returned a tool I borrowed from Andrew. He had bought my old table saw from me, so I was given my payment when I went to visit. Overall I was able to 'convert' things from around the house that I wasn't using, into about 160 dollars. I have a few other things to track down and maybe return. We'll see what I can pull off.

    Breaker 2: Breaker two holds all the power in the house MUAHAHAHAHAHAH... well ok not really.. but there is quite a lot of fixtures and outlets on it. 7 lights, 1 ceiling fan with a light, 1 ceiling fan without a light, 6 outlets, 7 standard switches, 2 triple switches (meaning that each control the same fixture), and 1 wireless control switch. Compare this to the remaining total of the house. 14 lights, 22 outlets, 1 ceiling fan with a light, 1 ceiling fan without a light, 8 standard switches, 2 wireless switches. That's 1/3 of the fixtures 1/4 of the outlets, and half of the switches. All ungrounded!

    So... I made a lot of adjustments to the wiring, not a complete replacement, but a substantial one for sure. In the end of it I never removed the last section of old wire. I wasn't comfortable interacting with that big scary breaker box at that point. So there was a long coil of wire, enough to replace the old wire, hanging from the rafters. Tuesday I drug the old wire out and put the new one to the box. Not a difficult procedure, but tricky, since the light for downstairs is on breaker 2. I had to work quickly before the sun went down and I lost the light from the small basement window.

    Stain: I had bought a nice mellow natural stain for Liza's cabinet. It went on very nicely. I did some work on the top with some wood putty before I stained that section. I also tried out something new to smooth out the plywood. It's not terribly smooth since it's not a solid piece of wood. I used my hands to smear out the putty all over the wood. Looked horrible at first, but after it set for a bit, I sanded it down to a nice finish. On went the stain and man it looks good. I know that this might not seem like it's in line with finishing what I left undone. But part of that is being proactive with work that I am doing currently as well. I don't want to leave anything off of my new projects to be finished later if I can help it.

    More to come!