Where have I been?

48 states (and the district), 8 Countries

Reached by car:
42 States

Key Trip:
Driving around the country with Nick:
21 states,
10,000 miles
$1,100 dollars (total for both of us)
3 weeks

Spring 2003

Here's the skinny on my trips before the summer.

Spring break- Killington Vermont

Trenton, Philly

Dulles, VA (work)

Fall 2002

New York City (friends, family, WTC)

Blue Ridge Mountains

Dulles, VA (work)

Gettng a Christmas tree

Home for Christmas

Summer 2002

This summer is going to be a good one for traveling.
I am hoping to get to the following locations before the summer is out

Dulles, VA (work) -nope

Baltimore, MD (Family, Orioles, Crabs, Episode II)

Madison, WI (Friends) - nope

Richmond, VA (Friends) - nope

Sandusky, OH (Cedar Point) - nope

Point Judith, RI (Sitting around) - nope