Where have I been?

46 states (and the district), 9 Countries

Reached by plane:

14 states, 9 Countries

Most Recent Trip:

Missoula, Montana - Work trip + Bison

Madison, Wisconsin - Return to the distance learning conference.

Tucson, Arizona & Los Angeles, California - Includes a road trip return!

Snowboarding around Maine / New Hampshire - Kia and I make tracks up north.

Madison, Wisconsin - Off to a conference on distance learning.

Madison, Wisconsin - Nick and Jess get Married!

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Nick hits the big 30

London - Visiting Bree in London for the 4th of July weekend

Roanoke - (Chicago) Sacremento - (San Francisco) San Diego - (Dulles) Roanoke:
Snowboarding, visiting Kara, work, visiting Andy, visiting Sara, meeting new people in layover