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Day 2 Home Depot
Day 3 Now You Know
Day 4 Soup Duo
Day 5 Let it Flow (x3)
Day 6 Two Trees in Tow
Day 7 Secure Window
Day 8 House All Aglow
Day 9 Ice Floe!
Day 10 Good Throw
Day 11 Idea for Dough
Day 12 Where Do You Want to Go?
Day 13 Squash to Stow
Day 14 Spending Woe
Day 15 Getting Low
Day 16 Watch it Grow
Day 17 Cooking Show
Day 18 *****o
Day 19 Cookie Crypto
Day 20 Toasted Marshmallow
Day 21 Feeling So-so
Day 22 Tummy Rut Roh
Day 23 Repaired Auto
Day 24 Wegman's prices? Whoa!
Day 25 Ho Ho Ho
Day 26 Updates Are Slow
Day 27 Land Ho!
Day 28 Healing Glow
Day 29 Silly Munroe
Day 30 The Big 3-0
Day 31 Done-zo
Hang out with friends more often

Extreme NoSpend

Remember how I did NoSpend November last year? Well this year I decided to try it in December. There are a couple of reasons for this shift. First of all I had a vacation planned already for November so I didn't want to skimp on it since vacations for me are so rare. The other reason is that while last November was difficult (primarily because of football season) it wasn't as big a stretch to pull off. Christmas is a big spending time and I found that instead of really saving on holiday spending, it could have been differed. So is it really no spend? Tough call. So in that spirit I modified one rule from 09. No Christmas stockpiling.


No Change November sprung as a result of things being moved to December. I can now compare it to December as well as last November. I also get a chance to see if I am able to track spending when it is happening all the time. Lets see how it all goes! Also of note, I am changing how I list acquired and consumed. If I acquired a cookie and ate it all in the same day, it will only be listed in consumed. Acquired will only be present for things that make it to the end of the day. The exception to this is cashflow.

[If you want to see them you can display the complete rules here]


Welcome once again to visitors from Budgets Are Sexy! And thanks to J Monee to posting my story


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Cash: $100 (+$100)

Day 3: Now You Know

I walked to work and did my usual yogurt for breakfast. I brought in a PB&J for lunch. The bread was some home made stuff and jelly was from a gift last Christmas. Better gobble it up! I checked my bank account and the money from Discover was in there! 100 buckeroos up (after a quick trip to the ATM)! Aaron and Daron wanted to go to Owens to get some food so I walked with them just because I needed to get out of my chair. I was going a little crazy because I've known all week that I was getting appointed as the director of my department. Super big deal for me. Anyhow, it was being announced today at 4pm and I could finally drop my poker face and relax once that happened. The meeting went well and I'll leave it at that since this isn't that kind of blog

After work I met up with Melissa, Amy and Dacia to see the Christmas things downtown. We had dinner at Souvlaki (on the house from one of Dacia's owed dinners) and watched the Parade. Afterward I got a ride out to pick up my truck from John's house. It's going to be too cold for him to work on it tomorrow and it will be well used today to get trees picked up. The apple butter was ready to can so I did that once I was home. Bed time was very welcome after such a long day. I slept very well.


Acquired: $100, promotion, apple butter
Consumed: yogurt, PB&J, dinner at Souvlaki

Daily cash values: