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Lose weight by eating more frugally

The Plan

Every so often I realize that I've been spending too much. As a result I take a month (although the first time was 40 days) and 'fast' on spending. It's not easy, but it's quite helpful in many ways. Each time I've done this I have actually made between 50 and 200 dollars. Combine that with the money I didn't spend, and the fact that I reformed my spending, it can have a big impact financially.


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Cash: $77.53 (+$34.31)

Day 6: Late night

Last night was rough. The football game should have cheered me up some but I just had too much in my head when I went to sleep. That and my back was killing me. I took a super hot shower to try and get the pain to drop down some and it did. As I got used to the temperature I turned the heat up and up and up. When I got out it looked like I had a sunburn, but the knot was mostly gone so that was all I needed.

I drove to work today because I needed to be off campus and needed some truck time to lift my mood some. On top of that, Eric gave me $20 for crabs and Discover deposited $50 in my bank account. For lunch Eric and I went to Sake House for a bento box and then the paint store spending $10 and $35.69 respectively

I took the afternoon off so I could catch up on some rest and get the weekend started. No bites on the Craigslist things (did get some spam from it) but the Medical reimbursements are approved and on their way!


Acquired: $70, paint, bento box lunch
Consumed: $45.69, yogurt, cheese, bento box, frozen pizza

Daily cash values: