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Reduce excess crap in your pantry

The Plan

Every so often I realize that I've been spending too much. As a result I take a month (although the first time was 40 days) and 'fast' on spending. It's not easy, but it's quite helpful in many ways. Each time I've done this I have actually made between 50 and 200 dollars. Combine that with the money I didn't spend, and the fact that I reformed my spending, it can have a big impact financially.


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Unless otherwise indicated you can't spend any expected income.
- Salary
- Wages
- Rent owed
- Established court settlements
- Alimony


NO spending of already existing money in your possession
- Cash on hand
- Gift cards

The only exception to this is spare change


NO stockpiling
- You can't buy gas on the day before it starts unless you need it.
- No loading up on extra food. If you're low on milk that's ok, but you can't buy a dozen frozen dinners


If you have any bills, you can pay them.
- Credit card purchases from previous months
- Medical prescriptions
- Mortgage/rent
- Utilities
- Cell phone


If you have any thing owed to you, you can call it in
- Owed lunches/dinners
- Money
- Take someone to court
- Stuff that was borrowed


You can sell get money by getting rid of things in your home
- Selling on Craigslist/eBay
- Returning things to Home Depot/Lowes (easy to find for any home owner)
- Unused gift cards


You can spend money that is refunded to you in that month
- Credit card cash back checks/ gift cards
- Medical reimbursement


Anything that you sell or get refunded must be spent after you get the money back.

So if you submit a reimbursement for medical expenses, or sell something online, you can't spend money in anticipation of getting it. If you submit it and you don't get anything sent to you that month... tough noogies. If you find out someone owes you money, you have to wait until they hand it to you.


Gambling is allowed with any eligible money (but I don't recommend that)


You can consume anything that you already have
- Food
- Toiletries
- Fuel (if you are a big commuter, consider this to be a utility)


You can barter
- Make dinner for someone with your own food, get someone to take you out for dinner
- Help someone out with a chore, get food or something else (not money) in return
- Sell anything you receive by doing chores for others
- Sell anything that was borrowed and then returned to you
- Sell anything for profit that you buy that month with eligible money


In the end you can potentially.
- Reduce excess crap in your pantry
- Eliminate items you shouldn't have bought
- Get evened out on things that people owe you
- Get in better shape from walking instead of driving
- Hang out with friends more
- Lose weight by eating more frugally (saving and eating leftovers)
- Eat healthier by cooking your own food
- Best of all, next month you'll have a lower credit card bill


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Cash: $43.22 (+$36.22)

Day 5: Update on Soxite

Today was more of the same, walked in, yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I had some of the leftover stirfry from tuesday night and ate the apple from the other day as a snack. During lunch I finished up this webpage. It was tough to do the calendar and a few other things. It is similar to the other like the woodwork and homework pages, but it lists things in chronological order instead of in reverse. Was a little tricky.

On the walk home today I went by the bank exchange some change for bills. Believe it or not I dug up over $36 in change. I found some coins from when I went to London too but I don't think they'd take those at Wachovia. The change was an odd assortment of things that I had around the house, in couches and at my office in a drawer.

Tonight I am going to watch the football game with Melissa at her church. While I was waiting I've been watching tv on my computer and tried out a digital antenna that I have had in a closet. I don't particularly need it and couldn't find a signal signal so I put it up on Craigslist. Hopefully it will hit soon. I suppose I'll toss it on the news groups too. "3 minute" Frozen pizza is dinner tonight. I think I have at least 4 in there. They remind me a lot of the Mama Celeste pizzas I used to eat all the time when I was little :)


Acquired: $36.22
Consumed: frozen pizza, stirfry, yogurt, apple, peanuts

Daily cash values: