Bree goes to London!!!

- Hampton Court

Here's another place that Bree and I went while I visited. I saw a special on the travel channel about Hampton Court Palace. I thought it was neat that it was the place that a street in my neighborhood was named after. The show said the place was haunted and you could stay there for the night for only 30 dollars. They had an audio tour that we could take to tell us what everything was. I didn't see anything while we were there that had anything to do with a hotel. But it was neat to walk around and see the palace of Henry VIII.



  1. Luggage
  2. Flight
  3. Dinner
  4. Computer
  5. House
  6. Tub
  7. Pictures
  8. Desk
  9. Queen
  10. Oxford
  1. Potato
  2. Green Room
  3. Fashion
  4. Garden
  5. Shopping
  6. Tube
  7. King
  8. Book Store
  9. Papasan
  10. Email
  1. Dutch
  2. Bathroom
  3. Potter
  4. Lady
  5. Karaoke
  6. Police
  7. Bread
  8. Girlfriend
  9. Stonehenge
  10. Hampton
  1. T3