Broad Abroad

My good friend Lindy is going to Australia for the semester. I was very excited and told her that she needed to send me lots of pictures. I promised that I would dedicate a page to her pictures on my site. She leaves pretty soon so I thought I would get this page started to motivate her to send pictures.. Ok so come back soon. I sure hope she finds an internet connection quick. I will have to start making up doctored pictures of her in australian scenes that I find online.

4.10. 2003:
First set of pics are in. So check it out!

4.20. 2003:
Second set of pics are in. So get on it!

Lindoh007: sox!
Lindoh007: how are you doing?
SoxPM: whoa you in australia?
Lindoh007: why yes, yes i am!
SoxPM: yayayayyaayay
Lindoh007: i actually have a place now and everything
SoxPM: rock
SoxPM: ok now you have to get on that picture taking spree :-)
Lindoh007: i live right at the beach!
Lindoh007: i know
Lindoh007: so here is the deal
SoxPM: deal on
Lindoh007: i had my camera and right before i left to go through security, i wanted a pic of me and my ma at the airport
Lindoh007: so i hand the camera to buck, and he takes it, but we get confused with the strap and drop it
Lindoh007: and the lens rolls one way
Lindoh007: and the camera bits roll the other.
SoxPM: what the
SoxPM: crap
Lindoh007: so i couldn't take any pics of up north
Lindoh007: and my mom is sending me a replaced camera (fuji is refunding me or whatever) but it won't get here for awhile
Lindoh007: but then i will send you some pics
SoxPM: ok i will put this conversation on the site instead of its pictures..
SoxPM: you should draw some pictures and mail them to me ;-)
Lindoh007: hahaha, right
Lindoh007: i'll try
Lindoh007: think beach
Lindoh007: huge waves
Lindoh007: sun all the time
Lindoh007: and me a little burned
SoxPM: hee hee
Lindoh007: but turning tan!
SoxPM: go you
Lindoh007: school doesn't start till 3 march
Lindoh007: so i am planning a trip to byron bay for this weekend right now
SoxPM: sounds good.
SoxPM: I am about ready to get some sleep here.. been a long day..
Lindoh007: awww
Lindoh007: well good
Lindoh007: get some rest then
Lindoh007: and have fun in the burg!
SoxPM: will do .. gnite!
SoxPM: err g'day ;-)
Lindoh007: ha!
Lindoh007: cheers soxy