andrea:  that's funny
  but it seems like it helps you stay dirty, not cleaner
me:  no... the piles happen regardless
  I clean it up right away.. just don't tell you what was there till later
andrea:  ahh, well that's better
andrea: i thought you would wait until next thursday

In an effort to help me clean more often, I have decided to have a new section on my site. Simply put it's 'What's under that pile?' See, I have this problem of stacking things as I get busier and busier.. and piles develop. So I am going to take a picture of a pile each week on Monday, and then clean it up, and show you what the heck was at the bottom of it each Thursday.

I hope to find a screwdriver I lost before snowboardng season comes around again. Here's this week's pile. I'll show you what's under it Thursday

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Its the moment you've all been waiting for!

New Pile:

Pile 14: My shoulder bag I use for school. I needed to clean it out before I went off on my road trip to New York City

Yeilded: Lots of paperwork... ...Trash...
... THE SCREWDRIVER!!! Click to learn more about the screwdriver

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