So here it is... check it out.. I was really happy to pick this up last season. I needed it almost every time I rode. Either for my board or for someone else's. I really like how small it is, and how cheap it was. I was at target and got a replacement for this but its not as cool as this one. Nice neoprene case, keychain, and it all goes to pieces so it can be stored smaller than other drivers I saw. Hex wrenches for bindings, little tool for, um I haven't figured out what that is for. but hey, I like it.



So how did I lose it? I keep lots of snowboarding gear in my jacket. Gloves, hat, neck warmer thing, 2-way radio, season pass, some cash, stuff like that. I decided to grab my coat one day and wear it on a rainy day. It was too much to walk around campus with things like 2-way radios, so I took everything out, and put it somewhere safe. You may recall that the radios turned up in another pile. I The gloves and hat and neck warmer thing are in a backpack. The screwdriver, well it must have ended up in the bag I was carrying that day. Sheesh. I know I checked the bag. But it took a thorough gutting to find this little thing.

Super handy, super cheap and I am super happy to have it back.

(I don't know why I put pictures like this up)


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