The Ultimate Pile (8/27/2002)

The top drawer of my old dresser, rarely opens. Why you may ask? Because it's full. So full in fact that I can't open it with out having the bottom fall out of it. i unloaded the drawer in hopes to do two things... First I wanted to get rid of some of the things that I should have thrown out a long time ago. Secondly I wanted to have some place that I could put some of the things that are showing up in reoccuring piles for my room. I figure it would be better to have a spot for them to be placed near by then to have them all over the floor. Lets see if it works.


Here's a summary of what was inside. I marked which items got trashed

a map of the NY/NJ rail system   Photographs
  a picture of my sister   a camera cleaning kit
  an old pair of glasses 2 manuals for old computer games
a service learning faculty handbook   1995 Marching Virginians pressbook
  a box of my old earrings two boxes of cough drops
  a note pad   notes for intermediate mechanics
  a set of stamps for the olympics lots of gross insence
a paystub a piece of wraping paper

a brass hammer head

  a sewing kit
  a hand held radio a folder filled with old paystubs
  a drawing of a yelling vampire a coupon for bandaids
1993-94 guide to university core curriculum a used checkbook
  negatives   report cards
  newspapers about Ripkin's game streak   Trek Mountain Bike owners manual
generic WD-40 a folder filled with old bills and bank statements.
more used checkbooks   contract for graduate assistantship
  Rain-x   classic monster stamps
old address book acceptance letter into Phi Kappa Phi
inter office mail folders   fuji camera manual
  3 glue sticks still packaged  

a notebook for a class I taught

  a photograph of my family   a photograph of my family, (flipped horizontally)
  two notebooks of various subject   a registration form for a cat toy
  a birthday card   oil for a lamp
officer pettitions for when I was XO of the Marching virginians a christmas bag
  an old highschool binder with multiple college subjects inside it   several notebooks for physics classes
  heavy weight drawing paper an envelope mailed to me
dental insurance forms bandaid wrappers
  green round bandaids   case for my good scissors
  spring 98 copy of the virginia tech alumni magazine an itemized budget for a project I never did
  a plastic triangle   old Letters of recomendation
handbook of physics classes registration form an Epson printer
registration form for a Mustek scanner plan of study for my undergraduate degree
former roommates resume   a D cell battery (rechargable)
  sketch of a painting I made of Calvin   a red three ring binder
  proof of rabies vaccinations   graduate assisantship contract
  acceptance letter into grad school   scribble pad
packaging for a mini mag light authorization form for hospital tests

Note: one item is not actually in the drawer, guess which one.

After the whole ordeal I got back from working on my server (at 3am) to find that I still had everything on my bed. It was by far the best inspiration to get it all sorted out. I trashed all the items as marked and set the rest at the foot of the bed. Most of the things will be put somewhere else in the room, like the closet or the file cabinet. For now, I will try not to kick them off the bed and lose them in the rest of the piles.


After reading over this page my mother sent me the following email:

Hi Pete,
Enjoyed your 'bureau pile'. Thought you might enjoy the history of the
piece. I purchased it unstained from Sears in Cambridge, Mass. in June 1960
to go into my first apt on Commonweath Ave. in Allston, Mass (just down the
street from BC). I had just graduated from college and was working at
Cambridge City Hosp. My roommate bought a matching one. For 2 years it
remained unstained til she left to get married and I moved upstairs to an
effeciency apt. Since it was now part of my livingroom/bedroom I painted it
flat black. In 1964 anticipating birth of your sisters Dad and I painted it
white to match the new nursery in our first apt Auburn, Mass. The bureau
became the nursery bureau for each of you kids, remaining white. When you
got your first bedroom set the bureau was moved to the basement where it
was the receptical for our odds and ends until you came to it's rescue and
moved it to VT. The bureau drawers came apart after the very first year and
despite many attempts to reinforce them with nails, screws and glue they
eventually losened up again. It's had a long life for a pretty basic piece
of inexpensive furniture!
Love, Mom