Pile 1-13

I hope to find a screwdriver I lost before snowboardng season comes around again. Here's some previous weeks' pile.

Pile 1: Clothes and stuff on the chair next to my computers
Yielded: my favorite nail clipper.

Pile 2: Clothes and stuff at the end of my bed beside my record player
Yeilded: a box of several thousand coasters want to buy one? or more? let me know

Pile 3: Clothes again... sheesh what's up with me and clothes piles???
Yielded: this time... 3 batteries a penny, and a superball

Pile 4: Mail, assorted bank statements and documents to be sorted
Yielded: two-way radios, a sticker, ear pieces for my cell phone and a Cap'N Crunch Submarine

Pile 5: Junk that keeps getting pushed under my bar stool (there is junk on top of the stool to but that doesn't count )
Yielded: Two USA flag pins

Pile 6: More things that end up on the floor in front of my chair.
Yielded:My second favorite nailclipper..

Pile 7: Clothes
Yielded:I dont' know where this key goes

Pile 8: Files, books and cd's
Yielded:another key, this time, a spare car key.

Pile 9: A phone Bill and some things I never put away from my trip to Baltimore for crabs
Yielded: My second favorite nail clipper... again...

Ok, Ok, I realize this isn't a pile in my room... but I took this picture, and its couterpart, a while back. I thought it might make up for the lack of piles lately. I will try harder to do some cleaning with pictures. To be honest I really cleaned a lot last week. However I took no pictures. I hope you enjoy this week's New Pile:
Pile 10: My roommate
Yielded: My cat... don't worry she's not dead... I poked her with a stick after I took the picture and she scowled at me

Pile 11: Some odds and ends, including some cat litter proof of purchases and old lift tickets
Yeilded: A stamp for a letter I decided not to mail. Note: It currently costs 37 cents to send a letter

Pile 12: Clothes
Yielded: one of my business cards, it was upside-down when I found it, but I figured you would appreciate somthing more interesting to look at.

Pile 13: Things that were piled on my chair, until liza took it over
Yielded: Liger Zero model's stickers

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