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New life

I have done quite a bit of TV watching with the new setup. Most shows I watch within a week or two of when they are are shown on cable. I have been able to watch the whole series of old shows such as the original Battlestar Galactica. With DVDs I've watched unreleased episodes of 'Dollhouse' and started watching 'How I Met Your Mother' from the begining. There was one show that I saw plugged on Hulu. It was in it's second season but they have the whole first one streaming on Netflix.

This experience has provided much of what cable didn't. It fits my watching habits quite well. You can even watch things with other people that aren't around. Just log into the site and start it going at the same time. The only trick is that for Hulu you have commercials that vary in length so there is a lot of '3,2,1,0,go' via cell phone to keep us on track.