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TV Upgrade

Watching websites on a TV can be done in a few ways. The one I chose was to hook up my computer to the TV. My current TV wasn't digital so it's possible just not ideal. Using the magic of mathematics I determined the size the screen would need to be in order to be the same height as my old one. From there I checked regularly on for something around 42 inches. I found one that looked good and checked with Jeff since he is best critic of televisions that I know. He liked it so much he wanted one.

Panasonic 42" TC-P42X1 720p Plasma TV


It's not the biggest or the best but it was a great tv for it's size and had a great price. I was happy to see that the cheapest price online is still over $100 more than what I spent. Oddly, the annual savings from changing my cable plan was almost exactly the price that I paid for the TV.



The hardest thing about getting the new TV setup was moving the old TV. It's very bulky and weighs about 150lbs there's not a lot of places it can sit in my house. I could have put it upstairs, but there's no way I'm moving that thing up a flight of stairs if I can help it. Luckily Craigslist got it out of my hair and put $125 in my pocket.