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Broadcast Shows

Each year I sit down and sort out how many shows I watch, when they are on, and how I need to set my DVR's to record them. I try not to count anymore but one year it was 22 shows. At the time I wrote this I watch (though some might not be on right now. Those in yellow aren't currently showing new episodes (or may be canceled for all I know):


Might seem scary that I am into that many but... well... ok yeah it's scary. At least I carved out what I consider to be one of the most horrible shows on tv, Brothers and Sisters. That show must have the most horrid people I've ever seen. Always fighting, doing horrible things but passing it off as ok because they are only horrible to their own family. It's like if Sex and the City characters were all related or something. Plenty of the shows are just as bad. Anyhow... that's not the point of this section. The point is, I am hooked on tv. So getting rid of cable would mean that I'd have to get something to replace it.