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PC Upgrade
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A/V Connections

I moved my computer downstairs and set it next to the entertainment center. To get it optimized I started by trying to get the computer faster. It is an older machine so I did what I could to trim it down. I found some free software to clean up the registry, flush out old files, things like that. I was happy to find that it actually made a difference. I was also able to get some old memory from Dan. Since it's an old machine most of what I was adding to it was rather out of date too. So while it was appreciated additions, it's nothing that anyone will miss.

Audio was easy, I plugged the speaker output of the computer right into my AV receiver.



For video I bought a DVI to HDMI cable (not the one linked). Next looked around for a better video card. Jackie had a good one that was being used in a server, which as you might guess, doesn't need a lot of video horsepower. With the new cable and card connected all I had to do was set up the screen resolution so that it would fit correctly. The video details screen stretching and hiding the toolbar.