But not wire free

I am a television addict

It has been a goal of mine for a while now to get off of cable. I watch very few of the 70ish channels that I paid for. The issue that I have is that I love television. I get sucked into shows and rely on them for escape from the day to day blahs. I have certain shows I watch on my own, some I watch with one person, some I watch with lots of people. Some shows I save up and watch all at once, some I watch as soon as I can.


Here's the story of how I fed my addiction without giving a big cut to the cable company. A TV a PC and me.

Broadcast Shows
What I watched on cable
Online Entertainment
Some places online to find good shows
Backing out of Cable
How I got away from a $70 cable bill
TV Upgrade
A new TV is important to making it work
A/V Connections
Connecting your PC to a TV
Active Desktop
Making a PC to look like a DVR
Smooth Video
Improve your video quality
Using a remote control
New life
TV watching reborn
PC Upgrade
Make the most of what you have