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I'm so embarrased

The New Plan

Remember how I did NoSpend November last year? Well this year I decided to try it in December. There are a couple of reasons for this shift. First of all I had a vacation planned already for November so I didn't want to skimp on it since vacations for me are so rare. The other reason is that while last November was difficult (primarily because of football season) it wasn't as big a stretch to pull off. Christmas is a big spending time and I found that instead of really saving on holiday spending, it could have been differed. So is it really no spend? Tough call.


So this time I figured I would get back into the blogging habit by No Change November showing you what happens in a typical month for me. I will do my best to be realistic about it and not restrict my spending out of shame since you're watching! The only noted difference is that I am not allowing Christmas presents to get stockpiled a head of time. A benefit of this activity is for me to see how well I can track my spending. In this age of digital payments I rarely look at bank accounts or credit card statements. Lets see how it goes!


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Check out the other spending pages too!

Cash: $538.48

Day 7: Jelly

Saturday I had plans to finish up some laundry and get some more jalapeno jelly canned. I started my day (which included an extra hour of sleep) with cereal and some tv. I did a lot of internet research on pie making since I am sure you know that Pi day is coming up. For lunch I made a steak that was on sale at Kroger yesterday, ate some (lord only knows how old) leftover pizza, and some leftover burrito that Kim and Patrick helped polish off. That afternoon they both helped me get several batches of jalapeno jelly canned. It used up a bunch of the peppers but there's still a ton left. I am not sure what to do with the rest of them (60-80 or so I'd guess) but I'll sort something out. I shared in some soup that Kim and Patrick made and we ate the last of the butternut squash pie. There was a little mold on the top though. The white fuzzy kind. Patrick scraped it off and Kim wasn't to keen on it since she and I both agreed that it had a 'tang' to it that wasn't present before. I had already eaten my whole piece so I didn't figure it was going to kill me -more- if I had her piece too. Patrick said that it was good that at least one of us would be able to drive the others to the hospital if we got sick. Some sort of food poison designated driver plan I suppose.


Acquired: 3 batches of jalapeno jelly, soup
Consumed: leftovers

Spending totals: