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Eliminate items you shouldn't have bought

Extreme NoSpend

Remember how I did NoSpend November last year? Well this year I decided to try it in December. There are a couple of reasons for this shift. First of all I had a vacation planned already for November so I didn't want to skimp on it since vacations for me are so rare. The other reason is that while last November was difficult (primarily because of football season) it wasn't as big a stretch to pull off. Christmas is a big spending time and I found that instead of really saving on holiday spending, it could have been differed. So is it really no spend? Tough call. So in that spirit I modified one rule from 09. No Christmas stockpiling.


No Change November sprung as a result of things being moved to December. I can now compare it to December as well as last November. I also get a chance to see if I am able to track spending when it is happening all the time. Lets see how it all goes! Also of note, I am changing how I list acquired and consumed. If I acquired a cookie and ate it all in the same day, it will only be listed in consumed. Acquired will only be present for things that make it to the end of the day. The exception to this is cashflow.

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Welcome once again to visitors from Budgets Are Sexy! And thanks to J Monee to posting my story


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Unless otherwise indicated you can't spend any expected income.
- Salary
- Wages
- Rent owed
- Established court settlements
- Alimony


If you have any bills, you can pay them.
- Credit card purchases from previous months
- Medical prescriptions
- Mortgage/rent
- Utilities
- Cell phone


NO spending of already existing money in your possession
- Cash on hand
- Gift cards

The only exception to this is spare change


NO stockpiling
- You can't buy gas on the day before it starts unless you need it.
- No loading up on extra food. If you're low on milk that's ok, but you can't buy a dozen frozen dinners


If you have any thing owed to you, you can call it in
- Owed lunches/dinners
- Money
- Take someone to court
- Stuff that was borrowed


You can sell get money by getting rid of things in your home
- Selling on Craigslist/eBay
- Returning things to Home Depot/Lowes (easy to find for any home owner)
- Unused gift cards


You can spend money that is refunded to you in that month
- Credit card cash back checks/ gift cards
- Medical reimbursement


Anything that you sell or get refunded must be spent after you get the money back.

So if you submit a reimbursement for medical expenses, or sell something online, you can't spend money in anticipation of getting it. If you submit it and you don't get anything sent to you that month... tough noogies. If you find out someone owes you money, you have to wait until they hand it to you.


Gambling is allowed with any eligible money (but I don't recommend that)


You can consume anything that you already have
- Food
- Toiletries
- Fuel (if you are a big commuter, consider this to be a utility)


You can barter
- Make dinner for someone with your own food, get someone to take you out for dinner
- Help someone out with a chore, get food or something else (not money) in return
- Sell anything you receive by doing chores for others
- Sell anything that was borrowed and then returned to you
- Sell anything for profit that you buy that month with eligible money


In the end you can potentially.
- Reduce excess crap in your pantry
- Eliminate items you shouldn't have bought
- Get evened out on things that people owe you
- Get in better shape from walking instead of driving
- Hang out with friends more
- Lose weight by eating more frugally (saving and eating leftovers)
- Eat healthier by cooking your own food
- Best of all, next month you'll have a lower credit card bill


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Cash: $62.6 (+$12.6)

Day 9: Ice Floe!

Aaron brought me some apples and pears to dehydrate I was allowed to keep some so I ate one for breakfast as payment for breakfast. During lunch I did a quick update for yesterday and realized that my titles weren't matching. I started out rhyming everything with Snow! and somehow I switched to goo after Soup Duo. I did some revisions on that which is always cumbersome. Lunch was squashta... squasta... pasquatch? It's pasta with squash in it. I took it from Patrick since he's been helping eat my leftover soup. Speaking of soup, there were two cans of soup on my desk. I am guessing that they are Aaron's as an attempt to get carbs away from himself.

Right before the end of the work day I got a call from Patrick. The outside faucet had apparently been on. There is a splitter after the faucet but with the sub freezing temps going for so long it must have messed up the mechanism inside. The result, about 7 inches of water in the basement. Ugh. Craig and Patrick were a huge help in bailing me out (literally). Using some rubber boots, a sump pump to hose out some, the basement sink pump to push out more and the shop vac to do the rest it didn't take *too* long but man was it cold. Did I mention that the shop vac was broken and the new part had just come in the mail yesterday? I made soup to have during a break. Leigh came by with Rob to drop off the hole cutter I left with them and picked up the faucet that would go into the hole they cut. She also brought me a check to cover what I bought from Home Depot and a gas gift card for helping her out. When they headed out we were back to it.

And by we I mean Patrick and Craig at this point. Craig continued vacuuming while my role was primarily research as we tried to figure out the next issue. The furnace wouldn't start. Thanks to some preliminary internet searches and John (Smith) for his help in analyzing the problem we had heat again. Pretty important to have once you realize that the hose for the pump was keeping the side door cracked for several hours. Craig and I got the rest of the floor dry before he headed out. After that Patrick and I unpacked boxes and moved things that earlier I'd stuck on a tarp in the kitchen so they could dry. Lost a bunch of stuff due to water damage including the ornament I made last year :( That's ok though. I just kept thinking about how lucky I was that this happened today, and not while I was away for the holiday. I don't know what would have happened if we weren't there to shut it off. Could have destroyed the whole basement and worse.


Acquired: $12.60, $25 gas card, 3 apples, 2 cans of soup, loads of help
Consumed: pear, squasta, turkey and pasta soup, lots of basement things :(

Daily cash values: