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  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 3
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 2
  • 11/23/08-12/3/08 Quicksand 1
  • 11/14/08 Footprints in the sand
  • All old woodworking projects except the deck fence have been copied (but not removed) from here to Woodwork. Now you'll have two pages to come see for updates on my projects!
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    Quicksand 3 - 11/23/08-12/3/08

    The faucet went on so easily, I won't bother to explain it. I did have to pick up a random gasket to get the disposal switch to mount correctly. The switch is this cool (overpriced) pneumatic switch that will let me avoid wiring a switch for the disposal itself. Just plug it in.

    Underneath the drain pipes were ready to set up. I had to buy a new length down from the right side of the sink and shorten the run out from the wall.

    It went smoothly with the only problem being the intense fumes of the sharpie from marking the cuts, the more intense fumes of the cleaner for the pvc, and the membrane scalding fumes of the pvc adhesive. I'm not sure I can accurately describe it if you've never experienced it.

    With Liza's final review I cleaned up under the sink, connected the dishwasher (drain and supply), fridge line (had to replace a cracked fitting that was giving me trouble) and connect supply lines for the faucet. All tight. All sealed. All done!