Models! Since I didn't really have a good section set up for them I was pressured by online banter to link my models into the gear section

Before I got my own gear, I used my brother's. Shortly after the picture I had my opposable pinky removed.

Ok ok ok you all deserve an explanation as to why there is no gear section, what exactly will be here. etc... so here goes a little mock interview I set up with me and soul brutha number 1.

Hey jive turkey what is the gear section?

Well its all about the stuff I have. mostly collectibles, and electronics of some sort.

What's the hold up on getting it all put togetha my man?

I want the gear section to be as interactive and technically advanced as I am able to create. By saving it for last, I assure you that it will be as well put together as I am able.

You wouldn't yank my chain would you?

Oh no. I have been developing lots of interfaces and options as far as depth of information and interactivity. I just don't want to put up anything till I get it right.

Ok I buy that. But where did you come up with this crazy color scheme?

Interesting question! I pick nearly all of my color schemes from the images that I coose for that page. Take a look around and see if you can see what part of each picture dictates the colors (usually just headings) for that page. it's fun. My favorite is the conversations with my cat page Liza's eye is the source of the title color. The background for this table was recommended by a friend on I was talking to online.

Do you realize that you used the word 'coose' in your previous response?

My typos are great sometimes... once I accidentally typed 'streptococcus.'

That looks right to me. Is that wrong?

Well I meant to type 'Michael Dukakis'. Anyhow aren't you supposed to be asking me about the gear site?

Don't tell me how to rum an interview punk! What should people do in the mean time while they wait for the gear section?

Well first, I would love some feedback on the rest of the site. Secondly you misspelled run.




N: haha, you're crazy
N: first conversaitons with your cat, and then convos with an imaginary black man
N: usually i just talk to myself