Recently I realized that I have quite a massive site here, if I let it get out of hand. I also realized that if I don't make it something people are interested in, I won't get much of a following. Cept maybe from my family... (hi mom!)
Anyhow, I will be working on filling out this site in the structure I have laid
out: work, research, town, gear, chow, travel, pictures, links, and contact (there is a liza page in there too if you can find it )

My problem now is... which part do i fill out next. I am going to come up with a better system this week, for taking votes but for now.. the section that gets the most votes, gets my work for that week. I am guessing I am going to get lots of ties for things too... (one vote for everything) we'll see how many people hit my site now won't we!

fill it out will ya!

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