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  • 8/19/2007 Welcome to Woodwork
  • 8/13-20/2007 Projector Stand/End Table
  • All old woodworking projects from Homework have been added here. I put in the stairs but I didn't add the fence or the deck. Might add them later.. What do you think?
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    Welcome to Woodwork - 8/19/2007

    Seeing as this is the start of this new page I will start with a tour.

    Woodwork is a page all about the woodworking projects that do. Simple enough. Pretty much it will work just like the homework page did but I am not sure how detailed I will make it. Before I would go through each of the days work and tell you about all the steps day my day. In this case I may just have one page per project. Project pages will be split into phases. Things like drawing, cutting, joining, staining etc. Small projects may just have a single page. We'll see.

    The contents on the right side will show lists of projects and phases of each. Since I have already written up a lot of the projects in the Homework section I will try to move those over. I will number them so that they are still in sequence. That way you wont have to read them as they show up. You can just read the new ones!

    The project I am working on at the moment is a movie projector stand that will double as an end table. It's almost complete and will be posted soon!