Back in the good old days, there was a lot to Soxite that had to be made from scratch.  Happily, or perhaps sadly, that is not the case any longer.  So here it goes.  An environment where new Soxite content will show up more often and should hopefully integrate nicely with old.

One of the big changes occurred several years ago when the webserver moved out of my closet and onto a GoDaddy hosted server.  There are lots of options that are now available through their hosting that I tried out in bits and pieces.  Their site lets you add on lots of plugins which I have ignored until recently.

I accepted YouTube as a great distribution method for my videos, and Facebook has taken over for other things like images, event planning and general day to day communication and mutterings.  You see, most of my ramblings predated things such as blogs.  They’re definitely blog-ish, but I’ve resisted just falling into that line for years.  Partly because I think the word is stupid.  But now thanks to the wonders of my acceptance of this non hand crafted technology, I have decided to do less Facebook and more Soxite.  Of course that means I need to learn how to use this new site setup.



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Garden Updates
Most everything I've done in the garden has been nicely documented in YouTube. All those to come will show up here as well.