big snackWell as you might have guessed (since my posts on facebook have turned back to humorous less meaningful commentary) Liza has been doing well.  No one is quite sure why or how, but she’s rocking out in true Liza cat style.

Overall she’s almost back to good form.  She has a bit of a shuffle to her since the right leg isn’t as effective, and can’t always turn the corners as she’d like.  She’s not able to hop up on chairs or couches but we boost her up from time to time.  The learning moments for her revolve around remembering that a jump down, is not always the best idea when you’ve got less landing power.

She eats and eats and eats.  I think she’s gaining weight for the first time in years.  I was talking with Odie this weekend and we got onto the topic of how her life really isn’t much different than it was a week and a half ago.  She just has her naps on the floor and not on the couch or chairs.  In fact.  She is more alert and active.  Looks for people when we’re not nearby.  Climbs up on us when she’s able.  Generally.  It’s a good life for her at the moment.

It’s not all peaches and gravy for us though.  I know that there will be a time where something will come that turns things for the worse.  For now though, I just glad I listened to that little voice I imagined of her in my head.  It changed each day

Look, LOOK I’m eating! I’m drinking.  Pay attention.  Look! THIS is me fighting.  Look at me fight.

Fight with me daddy.

Today I will tell you when I need to use the litter box. Just take me there and help me go.  Bring me to my food and I will eat. I am not hurting. I am fighting.

Hold my feet up a bit and I will walk today. Help me balance just a little. I can do it.  I won’t wet the bed anymore. I can still fight today.

I can do all my feet today.  Just hold my tail and keep me straight. I am eating I am walking,  I will use the litter box on my own. This is how I fight now.

Let me try on my own.  I can do this by myself. It’s hard today but you don’t need to be with me always. I can get there if I really need to. This is how I am fighting.

I can come sleep with you.  I can find you when you’re not here.  I’ll be ok.  I want to jump.  I want to climb.  I want to be here. I am not sad. And I’m not done fighting.

I started a post on here the day she she couldn’t use her legs.  I thought it would be a one day post.  Then it was two… then… I stopped writing. I put away the blog post. I don’t need it now.  Now this is the post that is right.

first watch

Exhausted. Tears in my eyes. My little girl in my arms.
But look. I just noticed. There’s a fighter right behind us.




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