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I am so excited by the participation and response in celebrating Aunt Esther last week and I apologize for not updating you all sooner! I got to take a little vacation last weekend and did my best to avoid being tied to the computer even in the case of rose tallies.  I’m still working up how many had been given out so come back to see more soon, but for now here’s some of the responses I got as recipient comments in the web survey thingy. I highlighted two of them and then the rest are at the end 🙂

Two roses,

What are the chances that two people give the same person a rose? I have no idea, but it’s 100% awesome and something I was secretly hoping would happen this year. I assume that they are the same two people but who knows for sure 🙂

My daughter received a rose from a stranger (new friend) in bluefield and gave it to me when we went out to eat this morning. Then she drive back home to Blacksburg and later found someone had left her a Rose on her car door. 🙂
I actually received two roses today. The first one you gave me just as I arrived or work. I gave this one to my mother when we met for lunch. The second I found after work in my car door so the roses began and ended my day. It was such a wonderful thing to get the roses. It really brightened my day and was like the universe knew how much I needed something like this. Thank you, this is a beautiful way to honor your aunt.

And then this.

I approached a woman on my walk and she seemed a little distracted.  She agreed to accept a rose and started to get out her wallet.  I assume this was her.

It is always refreshing to see someone stop outside the box of cultural norms.  Seeing a guy carrying a container full of roses, the logical conclusion is he is about to ask for a donation or try to sell something.  Before I could get my boiler plate response ready, I was given the story of Esther.  I was a little embarrassed as I received the gift and asked to join the celebration of such a life.  I will try to shed my shell a lot more and be more like Esther, moving forward.  Thanks, Pete!

All the other happy folks

Lovely surprise and yes, it did brighten my day!  Thank you!!

What a wonderful celebration of Aunt Esther’s kind spirit. This made my day!

I’m planning on giving away two of these roses to the first two people I see today!

Very sweet, I love this.

I don’t know if it was given to me by a friend or a stranger, it was left on my desk at work.

So nice to come out to my car at lunchtime and find a sweet surprise! I definitely plan to pay it forward. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!  What a nice gesture!

Love roses.  Feeling warm and fuzzy

This is a wonderful way to honor your Aunt!  Thank you so much for giving back.

Lovely thought! May Esther live in memories forever.

I hope that you have an excellent day!

This is the first time I have received an Aunt Esther rose.  What a beautiful way to celebrate the life of obviously an amazing lady in your life!

Thank you Jul.

This is a very sweet idea to celebrate someones life.  It sure made my day a little brighter.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

I work with Sarah – she brought roses in this morning. Very wonderful way to keep your loved one’s giving spirit alive! Thank you All!

Sarah made my day this morning with the gift of a rose… and the wonderful story of her family. So sorry for your loss but thank you for carrying on a wonderful tradition of life, spirit, and happiness.

This made my day!

What a delightful surprise. Thank you!

one rose given to me and one to my daughter. made our day:)

How awesome!!! Made me smile.

My rose was a beautiful red/pink color.  Your aunt would have loved this rose and it was from a friend I have known since the beginning of high school.  Friends for many years.  I felt so special to get a rose in memory of Esther Macedo. Your aunt must have been a wonderful person.  Bless you for remembering her in this way.


The first 32 roses of the day.

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