You've got to be kidding me!!

#2 The New River Trail

Ask most people around here where the best place to ride a bike, and you will hear things like Pandapas, or Ellett Valley, maybe the Huckle Berry trail. They're all fun and as challenging as you would like them to be but if you think that any of them are the best ride around, You've got to be kidding me!!

About a half hour from Blacksburg, is a 57 mile trail that is part of the 'rails to trails' program. Like the Huckleberry trail, the New River trail is relatively flat well shaded. As you may guess it runs along the New River. Most of the route is well shaded and easy going. The only difficult thing, is that the first stretch is about a 5 mile decline. Not a huge decline, but make sure you take into account that you have to end any run on a steady climb for 5 miles.

If you catch it right, you can pick raspberries till along the way. There are several points where the trail crosses the river on trestle bridges. Other times you will roll through small towns. If you push long enough, you will find an old shot tower, a spot to dip in the water, and plenty of places to stop and eat some lunch.

I don't know that I would ever have it in me to ride the whole trail, but it's something to strive for.. maybe someday this summer I will try it. Of course you will see it here if I do. Anyhow, make sure you have a good bike seat, something to munch on and lots of water. It's a great ride, especially since you get all the scenery and none of the car exhaust.


take 81 south to the Draper exit
take a left at the end of the exit
take a right soon after the overpass,
the trail, should be ahead on the left.
(40 minutes from Blacksburg)