x16 oz

It was bound to happen. Skippy and I have been bored for a while. I had an idea to go downtown, Skippy had an idea to hit up all the Guinness on tap. Sounded like a good idea to me.. Until we realized there were 10 bars serving Guinness on tap. 5pm December 18th, it started at PK's. It was all over by the end of the night.

I got there at 5. Skippy (G-money), Doobie (G-Wiz), and D-Ball (Supa-G) joined me (Da-G-neeous) around 5:30. I marked down the price on the first guinness pint. PK's is always a dry place. You really have to have people to hang out with there. I don't know what it is about the place. Just, well, dull. Maybe its the whole situation that it is architecturally a bunch of different places jammed together. Who knows... On to Hokie house!

64 oz
  Our quick jaunt to Hokie House, made us realize how much we hated smoke, crowds and a lack of seating. Would have been a good deal. They have 26 oz mugs for $2 from 5-6pm. Anyhow, we got sick of it quick and moved on to The Cellar.

+0 = 64 oz

The Cellar has often had iffy Guinness. We hit it on a good day. The bartender told us that a pitcher would give us 4 pints. Saved us some money in the long haul. Usually a pitcher will only get you 3 and a half. We made sure to ask at each place we went to to guarantee the 4 pints we were looking for. I decided we should come up with a rating system to rate each place we visited. It went like this.

Each item got a vote from 1 to 4. Taste was voted on by two people for 8 possible points. Head was another vote, a key indication of good Guinness. The last vote was an overall vote. For example.. Hokie House that night would have gotten a cruddy overall score because it was so disappointing there that we left with no Guinness. What did the Cellar get? 4-8-4 (H T O)

+64 = 128 oz

+144 = 272 oz

It was G-money's grand idea to get the 36oz at Sharkey's ($4) to cover the missed Guinness from Hokie house. We set up at a few tables by the all you can eat wing buffet and got some tasty wings in our belly. I suppose you are wondering why we wanted all that food when we were already had the plan to put 160oz's in our stomachs that night.. We were just hungry

G-Wiz got a call and Julia and Rachel ended up joining us for food some and added conversation. It's not easy to keep coming up with clever things to say when you are on a mission. Bellies loaded with wings and Guinness we moved to Emilio's.

+64 = 336 oz

Emilio's has killer burgers, diggin hummus, and some yummy ol gyros. What no one knew but me, was they also had Guinness on tap. Ok so they served it in plastic mugs. You just shouldn't do that. Aside from that. This place was right on. A little quiet, we felt like we were in someone's house. Cool little fiber optic christmas tree, nice music going in the background, waitress was hanging out with her friends. Good place for my G-money impersonation.

Got a call from Ripcord while I was there, and he was going to meet us at the Underground.

+64 (+16) =
400 (416) oz

Ripcord changed our ordering practices from getting a single pitcher to getting a pitcher plus a pint. Thats ok though. I was having a good ol time now that we had lots more people. My stomach was rejecting the concept of being so ridiculously full. I mean really. Luckily Supa-G was there with the assist. He helped finish anything I couldn't.

None of us were quite sure what was up with the special. Grilled cheese with chili? Why no l.t.m. option??


64 (+16) =
464 (496) oz

Champs, wow.. I was looking at the picture and I almost forgot we went there. I haven't been around to lots of bars in a long time. Usually I just go to one place. Some times I will move to another if wherever I am gets too busy. We hit up the upstairs version of Champs. It was quiet, which is odd for them. I suppose everyone was at Hokie House. This was the point where we started realizing that people were looking at us funny for coming in and getting A beer and then going away.

A bunch of places were asking if we wanted food, which we kinda laughed at. Good thing we started so early. It took a lot of effort to get through it all. I was stuffed

Poor Billy's had some rosy cheeked old hokie who kept going on about how he was in the Navy. I am really not sure why he was telling me. He also hit on one woman that was trying to be polite and just get by him. I did my best to distract him while she escaped. The funny thing about Poor Billy's was, that we started getting hungry. I don't know why, but I suppose we just wanted something other than Guinness in our stomach. Oh man what were we thinking.

64 (+16) =
528 (576) oz
64 (+16) =
592 (656) oz

Boudreaux's was a good place to get dessert. I went to the cheesecake. I was hoping that there would be new desserts. No luck. I can't remember why... but I was laughing my head off right off the bat. I just totally lost it. They tell me it had something to do with "Duh-guh-duh Duh-guh-duh" A new word I contrived while trying to say something and losing my train of thought.

The following pictures lay out the results of my camera... me getting a picture taken of myself, me taking a picture of G-money, a self portrait of myself laughing, and it all finishes off with Julia modeling some whipped cream.

Ah the finale, Rivermill. We got a little confused who was buying the last round. So when G-wiz and Ripcord both came back with pitchers, we were pretty grumpy. Gaaaaa we did NOT need more Guinness we ended up leaving the majority of the second pitcher there. You will note that they serve you Guinness in plastic when you order a pitcher, rather annoying. Just a pet peeve of anyone that drinks Guinness. Rachel and Ripcord make their appearance in the pics this round through, along with some G-Wiz and Supa-G antics. Good night everyone... it's time to get some rest.

64 (+16) =

656 (736) oz

I thought I had lost the list of scores, it just turned up in a pocket, been throught the wash a few times apparently. Here's the results.

Bar Head Taste Overall Price (per pint)
PK's $3.25
Hokie House        
The Cellar $2.75
Sharkey's $4.00 (34 oz)
Emilio's $2.07
The Underground $3.75
Champs $2.75
Poor Billy's $2.07
Boudreaux's $3.75
Rivermill $3.50