You've got to be kidding me!!

#1 Mountain View Italian Kitchen

Skippy really surprised me when he mentioned the other day, that he has never been to the Mountain View Italian Kitchen. Skippy?? Never tried the best Italian food in town??? Oh man.. say it with me, You've got to be kidding me!!

Now I know that this place is out of the way (15 minutes or so) but man it is so worth it. Mountain View is a small dive of a restaurant in Ironto. It looks like a gas station, cause it used to be one. I don't know the story on it's conversion to a Italian restaurant, but the best rumor is that it is run by Italians in the witness protection program. I would imagine it's not true, but well.. there is a cemetery right around the side. What gives this place its name, is the killer view you get out the back window. Always nice to get a seat with a view when the leaves are changing in the fall.

The first time I went there you needed to get reservations. Not cause it's fancy, just cause it's so good. Now I can't stress this enough. DO NOT GET DRESSED UP when you go here. It's a dive. screaming kids, waitresses in overalls, and straws wrapped in paper are regular attractions here. In contrast though, the food, is better than any other Italian restaurant in town (sorry to my friends that work at Zepolli's and Vincent's). The food is cheap, the portions are HUGE, they make bread fresh (so order extra to take home) and they have a substantial wine list too. Oh man I am soo hungry now. I will try to wrap this up.

Ok so lastly, directions:

  • Take Harding Ave away from town. Follow it past Windsor Hills.
  • After the School zone, you will see Luster's Gate Rd. on the Right, after a blue house.
  • You will go through a one lane tunnel. Take a left after the Food Time.
  • Take the next left (I think) has a sign for 81
  • Follow that road till you get to Mountain View. It will be a white building on the right.

Get out there, give it a shot. It's totally worth it.