Past projects

1) How on earth did I stop being so cute...

2) Mathematical Modeling of a star using a spreadsheet

3) Distance and Service-Learning in the Sciences: Augmenting the Science Curriculum of Rural Schools through Online Mentoring and Electronic Communication (published with Michelle James Deramo in Best Practices in Cyber-Serve
Integrating Technology with Service-Learning Instruction
-A Publication of The Virginia Tech Service-Learning Center-)

4) Retention of physics knowledge through conventional and self-study lab experiments

5) The Development of a Model for Using E-Portfolios in Instructional Technology Programs (Published with Richard Snider, Samantha Penny, Emet Laboone)

6) The effects of frames of reference on learning in a desktop VR environment. (a proposal)

I'll add in more thorough descriptions. I want to make sure I do citations properly.