Liza (Est 7/24/1993)

Liza is pretty smart. She can do all sorts of cool things. Mostly she just naps. But if you know anyone who has talked to her on a regular basis they trust her judgment pretty well.

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Do cats dream? My cat Cleo makes little grumbling noises sometimes when she sleeps, so it makes me think they do. If so, what do they dream about?

P.S. Cleo and I are big fans of your page.

October 18, 2002

Squeaky sleepy noises made me think that Liza was actually waking up when I asked this one. I am not sure what she dreams about, but she seemed to be trying to tell me. Regardless of what she dreams about, She still seems pretty happy to see me when I wake her up from one. Especially when I have treats for her.

My credit card company just raised my credit limit from $6000 to $8000! Just in time for the holidays! What should I do with all of this newly-conceived debt potential?!?!?!?!?

Keep it Zen-a-riffic,

October 21, 2002

Looking too closely at some situations is like forgetting you are zoomed in on Liza when you take a picture. Don't look too hard for some new purchase. Just use it as you would before and you will be safe. You're more likely to end up with things that you don't really want. For example, in this case we look close at Liza and the only thing new we get, is boogers. Do you really want Liza's boogers?

Dear Liza,
How is it that you can lay around all day and still be in such good shape? I mean, that doesn't quite work for me. What's your secret?!


October 24, 2002

Liza had little interest in any vocal response to this one. She woke up rather quickly and ran to her empty food bowl, which she had me fill. She also runs around the apartment after using her cat box. Keep your diet balanced and get some running or other exercise in regularly. Naps are a good thing. They give you energy for running

Doobie's sister keeps on coming over to my apartment, cause I live with his cousin. With this situation presenting itself so readily, what would be the best way to piss Doobie off?

Thanks always,

October 27, 2002

Liza refused to move or do any meowing. She makes a good point. I mean really. You don't need to change a thing to make Doobie mad. Chances are you already do plenty, and roping Doobie's sister in, well that would probably just add her to the list of people you piss off, right behind Doobie.
So I'm sitting here browsing your page, and I'm all, "Pause....paws..... PAUSE.... PAWS... what the deuce!?" As you can tell, the whole English language is PMO. However, it did lead me to this question:
What's your favorite word?
Crapfully crap,

October 29, 2002

I had to repeat this one several times. Liza finally came back with a partial meow. Or maybe it was a yawn noise. Regardless, Liza seems to pick short words that get her point across. Things like meow, meow, or muh. I think she would pick muh over meow as a favorite. It gets her fed with a minimal effort.

Kia came by this past weekend and was rather critical of Liza's answer to his question (see the first archive page). Not only did he pose for this picture several times so we could get the shot right... but he also kept saying 'You were wrong Liza.' for each picture. Even liza knows that the camera can't take pictures of sounds. Maybe you should listen to her advice a little more closely next time. She's smarter than you think.
Dear Liza,

Someone told me this weekend that you make a mean chicken soup. Is this true??? And can I have the recipe?


November 3, 2002

Chicken soup? are you kidding? Liza didn't even look at me when I asked her. I don't think she wanted to offend her friend. I recomend you check out the recipe page and hit up the pot roast. It easily converts to a good beef stew just cut up the meat and add more water.


I am a straight 21-year-old female and have been with my boyfriend on and off for two years. He is the sweetest boy in the world and I love him with all my heart. The problem is this: ---CENSORED--- I greatly respect your opinion, and I'm afraid I don't know what to do.

-Rohr's friend

Liza had no clue what you were talking about. She just wanted me to scratch her back some. Maybe he's like Liza and is just itchy. I checked what the magic 8 ball had to say. A recent Cosmo cover story would agree with The 8 ball too. Looks like the answer is no as far as your boyfriend is concerned. So it's all good.

Honestly now... would you be friends with this dog if she lived in Blacksburg????

Randi Schill Heinbuch

December 1, 2002

I think Liza felt like she was in a Sears portrait like the ones she has seen on tv. Check out that snowy tree background. She had little to say about the dog. She has rarely let any other animal steal her well deserved attention without giving it a few good swipes.
Dearest Liza,

After three and a half years of college, I want to switch my major. Is this a good idea? If you had the choice, would you major in Industrial Design, Urban Planning or Technology Education?


December 9, 2004

Liza kept ducking her head down when I asked her this. Perhaps she is ducking the question. Perhaps she thinks you should come to the Christmas party and get down She ususally does the head ducking thing when she is looking for something. I think she thinks there is something more to your quesiton you aren't saying.

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