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I have a day by day calendar. Each day I get origami instructions and make it while I am at work. It's my daily therapy. Friday, April 13 my calendar started me on a cube. It would take 6 pieces and 6 days.

Later that day my building received a second bomb threat (the first was on the 2nd). The first one I wrote off to someone being stupid, but this one worried me a little. Monday morning I woke from a dream where my building was destroyed. I shook it off and went into the office. And then it all happened. 33 people dead in only a few hours.

Friday I wore my Hokie colors. Friday I stood outside with the rest of the campus in silence at noon. Friday I went to a funeral. Friday I finished the box and I put something inside.

My therapy is done. Monday when classes start, I will begin being myself again.

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