Last year more than 409 roses were given out! I wonder how many we’ll see this year.

Did you get or give a rose today? Please let me know through ->this form!<-


Check out the 2013 Google Plus event to take a peek at pictures and such from last year.

The 2012 invitation to participate says it all!

Not all of you know my Aunt Esther, but you would have loved her if you did. Of course she would have loved you too. Anytime you see kindness in me, know that a part of it is coming from her.

What I do
For the past few years for her birthday I’ve given out one rose to match her age that year. For the second year now I’ve invited others to participate as well, giving out roses to someone they care about, or even someone they’ve never met before and tell them it’s from Esther. With the rose I attach a note that tells what it’s all about and points them to so that I can sort of keep track of who gets a rose.

You can give out flowers too!
If you do please tell them it’s from Esther. Here are some labels to put on them 1 sided2 sided. If nothing else please direct them here and let me know that you gave a rose(s).

What’s new for this year
This year I did things a little differently, and it was all thanks to many of my good friends. In addition to the roses I give out myself, several of my friends and family around the country are buying roses so that they can share Esther’s roses with those around them.  I’ll post an update with the names of the folks participating but for now here’s the people in the mix:

a958bc18-b30a-4a97-ad8e-a2a009142aa2[1]Jul, -Evansville, IN
Cindy – Hays, KS
Abby- Wytheville, VA
Amy – Baltimore, MD
Cathy – Chesapeake, VA
Cheryl – Lowell, AR
Eva – Raleigh, NC
Kathy – Westminster, MD
Kim – Barto, PA
Leigh – Smyrna, GA
Nancy – Leesburg, GA
Sarah – San Mateo, CA
Jonathan – Toronto, Canada
Jerry – East Lansing, MI
Nichole – Dallas, TX
Theresa – Clarenville, Newfoundland & Labrador
Randi – Olney, MD
Sandy – Blacksburg, VA
Larissa – Blacksburg, VA
Tammie – Peterstown, WV
Lynn – Christiansburg, VA

Keep your fingers crossed that all this works!


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