Sa Ta


It's a Sa ta Day (updated 10-08-04)

I came up with an interesting idea. Let's see how it goes.

What do you do on Saturdays? Same old stuff? I know I do.

What if you had something new to do. That would be cool right? Well, what if you had to do something new, could you do it? I bet you could.

So this is what I propose.. you must do the following..

  • Dedicate a Saturday to doing 3 new things that you haven't done before
  • At least 1 of the new things can not be done by any previously posted
  • Take 10 pictures
    • 1 picture must be taken by someone that you haven't met before
  • Keep the cost down
    • 1 of the new things must be free
  • Write up a walk through of your day
  • Send it to me and get it on my site
  • Since no one in town seems interested in doing this... I am removine the restriction that the activities must take place with in an hours travel of Virginia Tech

I have at least one taker.. so lay it on me.. If you need a digital cam I can loan you one for the day.