I have had a lot of these sitting around in boxes since the last VT/UVA game. It's about time I sold the rest. I came up with the idea that it would be great if members of the Virginia Tech marching band wore these when we went to the last game at Charlottesville. But lots of other people who don't like UVA think they are pretty keen too...
The shirt is modeled off of the 'Virginia is for lovers' shirts promoted by the chamber of commerce. Apparently its ok that I knocked off their design, since it is actually modeled off of some shirts that I saw at the store where i had these printed. They didn't have approval from the Virginia is for lovers people. So it's all good. The idea came from a button I saw from Syracuse. It was in Syracuse colors (same as UVA) and said Virginia is for losers. It was an attempt at being anti Virginia Tech. It failed miserably.

So.. if you would like a long sleeve shirt (sizes M,L,XL available)
Let me know, the price is $12 and I will ship for an additional charge, (most likely about $2)

email and tell me the number of shirts you want, size(s), and your address. If you live in the Blacksburg, Virginia area, I can get them to you without shipping them. But I will still need an address. More sizes will be available if I get these sold.