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Watch that bar drop!

The New Plan

Remember how I did NoSpend November last year? Well this year I decided to try it in December. There are a couple of reasons for this shift. First of all I had a vacation planned already for November so I didn't want to skimp on it since vacations for me are so rare. The other reason is that while last November was difficult (primarily because of football season) it wasn't as big a stretch to pull off. Christmas is a big spending time and I found that instead of really saving on holiday spending, it could have been differed. So is it really no spend? Tough call.


So this time I figured I would get back into the blogging habit by No Change November showing you what happens in a typical month for me. I will do my best to be realistic about it and not restrict my spending out of shame since you're watching! The only noted difference is that I am not allowing Christmas presents to get stockpiled a head of time. A benefit of this activity is for me to see how well I can track my spending. In this age of digital payments I rarely look at bank accounts or credit card statements. Lets see how it goes!


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Check out the other spending pages too!

Cash: $1095.04 (-$19.15)

Day 20: Old Smoky

Another adventurous day started with breakfast at Tingles. I am not sure why they are called Tingles but there was a cow theme to the place (still not sure). We were smart and split a meal, Anna ate the eggs, I had the grits and we both shared muffins and biscuits. There was some sort of parade going on but we skipped that and got on the road to see the Smoky Mountains. The initial plan was to take the Blue Ridge Parkway most of the way but we skipped most of that so we could have some more time to see new things. We made the climb up to Clingmans Dome<\a> where there was snow! Not a lot, but worth noting at least. As we departed the Smokys we went to Mingo Falls before it got dark. I was lucky enough to see an elk during the drive but Anna was resting her eyes at the time.

We went through a very touristy area in hopes of funnel cake but sadly had to turn away and go home. I am going to gloss over the fact that a daycare (not exaggerating) popped up on our floor and there were kids running up and down the halls and doors slamming all morning. Needless to say we had a new room when we returned that evening. At the hotel we turned on the VT football game and were very happy to see an all Hokie show. Lots of interceptions and unanswered points. After a failed attempt to find something worth the price tag at the hotel restaurant we did a search for meatloaf online and ended up at The Early Girl Eatery. Very tasty but the cake was unfortunately dry and coated in chocolate frosting. You'd think the waitress would have mentioned the frosting since I passed up the chocolate cake that she recommended. Oh well.


Acquired: breakfast at Tingles (leftover muffins), dinner at The Early Girl Eatery
Consumed: $19.15, Breakfast at Tingles, gas, dinner at The Early Girl Eatery, snacks

Spending totals: