A Jujy?

JujyFruits amaze me (10/11/02)

I was happy to get some JujyFruits the other day when I went to rent a movie with some friends. I don't really know why I was so excited about getting them. Anyhow, I was eating them and realized that like much of the candy world, Jujyfruits (and their odd little cousins the Jujubees) are an excellent way to get rid of your old fillings. Jujyfruits come in 7 shapes, and 5 flavors. This allows for 35 options to blow your mind with sugary goodness.

The flavor options are pretty standard. Lemon, Lime, Orange, the ambiguous 'Red' flavor, and my favorite Black Licorice. I know, lots of people don't like black licorice, but I certainly do. In fact most people in my family like it. I have found it pretty handy to like black licorice, since most people don't. It means that you get lots of leftover candy.

The Jujy's come in 7 shapes... and this where things get weird.

Shape 1: At first this one looks a bit like a fish. The drawing on the box makes it clear that this is a pineapple. mmm licorice flavored pineapples.
Shape 2: This one is kind of a cross between a flower and a Jello mold. I suppose this is pretty appropriate. It's all sort of Jello-y.
Shape 3: Some sort of Blackberry gave the candyman inspiration for this one.
Shape 4: This one is some sort of bunch of grapes type thing. A good shape choice, would have been a better choice if grape was one of the flavor options.
Shape 5: Now I can't tell what this is supposed to be. Perhaps its a banana split, or a pea pod. My roommate says it looks like a Lego piece.
Shape 6: HEIDE is the name of the original company that made Jujyfruits. Now it's still made by Heide, but distributed through Hershey.
Shape 7: Um... It's corn... and if it's not corn the only other thing it could be is a bundle of wheat.

I will have to check some day and see if there is any link to Jujubees. I would guess it has something to do with Juju being old english for cavity. Yeah I didn't really have much more to say about that one... I mean, really... corn....