Objects in the candy machine are
not as tasty as they appear

At Emilio's today we saw this strange gumball made of what I can only assume is pure chewy evil.

Look at this thing. I was excited to get it on the first try, it wasn't the only option in the machine. I carried it all the way home got some pictures of it and got to chewing.

On the outside, it's a regular sized gumball with those little nonpareils that show up on cupcakes from time to time. On the inside, it's a hollow, white gumball. The flavor can only be described as chalk. Why do I call something so colorful evil? I am sure it is painfully obvious once you see what color it turns when you are done. I imagine there is nothing more that needs to be said about this oddity of the gum world. I am just glad I was able to make a neat graphic, and didn't have to pay for more than one gumball.