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Here is my quick ranking system for the restaurants in town (and a few nearby). I will be adding more descriptives as time goes on... Please email me if you notice anything I missed, or if you know of any good specials

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Do you have a good story that goes along with one of these restaurants? Submit it and I might put it up :)

I ranked each place on a 1-5 scale for four categories: beer, food, price, atmosphere. If the beer is ranked with , it means the place has Guinness. By special request I added a to any place that is good for meeting new people (wait staff and otherwise), for live music, and are fairly dressy. This is incorporated into atmosphere. Just a little more descriptive. I decided to put in a for anyplace that delivers. I didn't rank fast food places or chain pizza delivery.. I think I will add in another section for the pizza.
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Type: 'american' food
Best chow: Onion Rings are king
Best deal: Shrug...

The story: I tell ya, its a funny place that names itself after a dog. I liked this place but it had just opened so there wasn't much to it quite yet. Family run place. I liked the waitress, she seemed interested in talking for a while, cause it was pretty dead. I don't think that I would really go out of my way to go back there. It's nothing all that out of the ordinary. Though, now that I think about it, maybe I should go back so I could see if that waitress was still as chatty. Maybe she'd cut me a deal on some more of those killer onion rings

(Pizzeria) Alpha

Type: Carryout/Delivery pizza and subs
Best chow: Cheese steak, and pizza... man its all good..
Best deal: 4 1 topping large pizza's for $20

The story: I don't know how true this is... but legend has it, that the original guy who made the calzones and pizza's at Mike's left and started a place called Angelo's (now Anthony's) and then went off and started up Alpha's . Whoever runs this place, knows great food and great prices. They have lots of coupons out there. I usually get them from the Hokie Cash (formerly bear cash) flyer that goes around town every once in a while. Cool thing is they never require that you turn in the coupons. So you can just keep using them. I personally love just getting the ham pizza. Be sure to keep an eye on the subs (mmm cheesesteak) and other items like calzones and stromboli. Man I love this place.


Type: Dine in Seafood
Best chow: hit the fish
Best deal: Specials are a safe bet

The story: Anchy's is right past where most people consider Blacksburg proper ends. Its on the right on the north side of town on North Main street (right before Whipple Drive I think) It's kinda pricey but its nice, quiet, and a good change from downtown food without having to make the trip out to Christansburg. I wasn't super impressed with the place, however I haven't ever heard a bad report about it when I recommend it.


Type: Dine in /Carryout/Delivery pizza and subs
Best chow: Pizza is pretty key
Best deal: Sunday (i think) is super cheep pizza day.

The story: So this place opened up as Angelo's about um... 6 years ago? and then turned into this place. They are super nice people there, usually someone cute to look at (for guys and girls) and close up shop during the afternoons in the summer.the food isn't anything astounding, but they do have some pretty nice deals throughout the times I have been there. Things like a sub and soda for a couple of bucks off. Best thing is, it's never crowd ed... so you might as well hit it up



Type: Dine in/Carryout/Delivery Italian
Best chow: Pizza, and the focacia sandwiches
Best deal: Pizza buffet

The story: Why is it called Backstreets? Cause it used to be where Nerve is now. Trick to this place, is they deliver pizza faster than anyone I have seen right after a football game. We once had about 5 pies ordered right after a football game and it didnt' take more than 20 minutes. The rest of the places quote about an hour and a half. This is a great quiet place to eat. They even have a hostess to seat you. Desserts are great, classic Italian so don't pass it up. OH want to know what's even better? Since they deliver, you can get DESSERT DELIVERED!!! what more can you ask for. One last word on this place, cheese. They have about half a dozen kinda of cheese you can put on a pizza.


Type: Good food supporting a great place for bands to play
Best chow: something crunchy while listening to live music
Best deal: Live music

The story: This place used to be the place to see live music. My best story about it was one that my friend Ray told me. He was there one night um.. partaking of a study break, and two guys walk in and sit next to him at the bar. "We used to play here all the time... good to see this place is still around" (or something like that) the guy said. Ray turned to see Axl Rose and Duff from Guns and Roses. They had a concert nearby (Roanoke?). I can only assume that Ray then peed himself as he talked with them the rest of the night. Man I hope I didnt' make that story up, It's a good one.

As for the food... here is what I know about it from Jul:
Well... it used to be South Main Cafe... and all that I knew it for was Eddie From Ohio concerts. But since the bar has changed hands, I decided to check it out. The food is pretty good. There is an option of sitting out on the porch, which is nice for the cool summer evenings. There is a good variety of all foods for all carnivores, and a small menu for vegetarians as well. The nice thing about Baylees is that they have a variety of foods from different regions of the world. Some cooking reminds me of the middle east style of cooking, while there is also an etouffe and different pastas.

Baylee's is a great place for special dates. It has great ambiance. At times they will have live music with dinner, which is a nice change of pace from the smokey bars.


Big Al's


Type: Mostly sandwiches
Best chow: I had a turkey sub that was good..
Best deal: You don't go there for the food

The story: Big Al's used to be a barber shop with a place to get hot dogs in the back (separate entrances). It was great for getting haircuts cause the girlse there would massage your scalp when they washed your hair and all that. Usually you ended up overtipping. At some point they added in a bar upstairs and then Poor Billy's was opened up downstairs. The concept behind Big Al's hasn't changed a bit. It's a place where the waitresses (dang) get overtipped. and the things on the menu really aren't too exciting. Don't get out of hand there, friends have seen bouncers toss people down the stairs, which are very steep.
Big Al's also has pool tables and shuffleboard (bar style). I like it there, especially over the summer when it isnt' so crowded


Type: Mostly sandwiches
Best chow: A pitcher of Sam Adams
Best deal: Free popcorn

The story: I'll flat out say it now, I don't like the food here. Everyone else seems to though. So here is what I do like about it. upstairs is all meeting rooms that you can reserve. Even downstairs there is a good chance you can get a big table. I am not sure why, but this place handles large groups better than any place around. The menu is definitely cool. It is set up like a Monopoly board. Each square is a blacksburg landmark with a different item. They have a good veggie burger, and are willing to make just about any sandwich you want. Just tell them and they will switch things around.
Good glassware on the beer and a porch that is nice to sit on in good weather makes this place good quiet place to check out for sure. I seem to be the only person that doesn't like so don't let that discourage you. They have some decent specials from day to day. Just check out the whole dealie on the table it says what the food specials are from day to day (things like discounted wings and king crab legs). Bogen's has a bar attached with a separate entrance. The bar lets you get food and play pool without bugging the rest of the place (or vice versa).


Type: Coffee shop
Best chow: Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, Iced Chai
Best deal: day old anything

The story: Bolo's is the sister store to Gillie's. You can get any kind of coffee, as long as its not generic. You can vary the kind of milk you want too (skim, whole, soy). The people that work there are super nice, even early in the morning. It's a great place to sit and get some work done. Don't let the rest of the wares go to waste. All the baked good are made fresh every morning. How can you beat a muffin that is big enough for two to stuff themselves on. They also make different kinds of bread depending on the day of the week. So if you want something in particular and never can find it there, ask them what day they make it. Man I am getting hungry... They aren't open super late, but they are open super early.

Boston Beanery

Type: Family food
Best chow: Raspberry Margarita
Best deal: shrug

The story: I haven't eaten here yet, but a friend of mine saw that I didn't have a review up and was very eager to tell me about the raspberry margarita that she had there. It sounds a lot like a standard crap on the wall family joint. I went to their website as I didn't feel like doing the trek over there right now. It is sported as a '1890’s style New England tavern.' Make sure to take coupons with you. The site showed me that they have decent food, a supporting cast of appetizers and some crafty well worked out frosty drinks. I have to hold some contempt for them as they are a small chain that started in Morgantown, WV. I have heard as many pros as cons on this place. I say give it a roll and stick to the black angus steak.




Type: Cajun, the only place in town
Best chow: RIBS!!!!!! but its only an occasional special, desserts
Best deal: Specials are innovative, taste great, and are freakin huge!!

The story: When you walk in the door first thing you ask is "Is there any room upstairs?" The deck upstairs is covered, with a small section uncovered (prime commodity in nice weather). The staff there is super nice, and earns the place its tbone. Ask questions about food, wine, beer, and they will tell you right off or find the answer for you. Great cajun food, and a genius chef make this place a must see in town. Some of the food prices is up there, but here is what I do. If I am really hungry, I get a special (things like steaks, marlin, salmon, flounder, tuna, ribs) which are great prices for the pile of food they give you. If you want something light, get a po-boy sandwich, or a bowl of soup. It's all good.
Don't forget to save room for dessert. One of the problems with most places in town, is they don't have good dessert. I have had all the desserts and like them all. It's nice to go there and get appetizers and drinks. Oh I almost forgot. They have the best beer around, Guinness on tap a Belgian style ale called LeTrappe. It's sturdy, but man its great. The beer here has been a serious disappointment. La Trappe is gone, and the Guinness is the worst I have ever had. It can best be described as cold Guinness flavored tea. They do have a Blue Moon, and Dead Guy Ale on tap. I really dont know it that makes up for the the mess that they made of the Guinness.
Boudreaux's is one of the few places that has live music from time to time.
the cornbread is not good at all now.


Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck (BW3's)

Type: wings and wing related chow
Best chow: wings
Best deal: specials almost every night

The story: This is a chain, but its still rather uncommon, so here's the deal. The wings here, are great. It gets crowded though, so you might want to get them to go. Lots of big TV's are great when you don't want to watch the rest of your group stuff themselves. I can't remember exactly how many kinds of wings they make... but there's a lot. I really like the dessert there too. As best I can remember its some sort of peanut butter cookie pie thing. In the bar and porch, food is full service. In the main area, its run like a sizzler, order the food up front, and then they bring then to you. Its kinda a pain. I would prefer an entire full service thing. Parking can kind of be tough, but it is worth a try.
A last word on the wings, Blazin = ridiculously hot... about as hot as is gastricly possible. I once had a few with my friend Nick (he ate 2). I thought he was going to cry, not as much when he was eating them, as when he got to entertain their fiery goodness, the other way (can't drink water through there to cool you down). I eat them all the time, but I still pay for it later that night and don't expect anything solid for a couple of days. I know, its gross, but if the surgeon general put warnings as graphic as that on smokes, maybe people would stay away from those too.

Carol Lee

Type: Donuts
Best chow: blueberry donuts
Best deal: 50 cent grab bag

The story: Used to be that you could get Carol Lee donuts in town. But since the rent is so high in town, Carol Lee closed up the downtown shop and decided to stick it out at their North Main location. There aren't any bad choices here, except the coffee. The staff are super nice and will talk your ear off if you let them. I highly recommend getting the grab bag. I had one one time that had a bunch of messed up donuts. They were half chocolate, half blueberry. This frankenstein of a donut is perfect for a misfit like me. I also dig the white frosting filled chocolate covered 'white delight' donut.
Carol Lee makes cakes too, so don't think they are just donuts. I know they do lots of wedding desserts I have eaten a few of them, almost worth getting married just to get a piece. Wait .. .that doesn't sound right.. Anyhow, keep the only donut shop in town rolling so we don't have to eat Krispy Kreme for the rest of our days here.

The (Greek's) Cellar



Type: Italian/Greek
Best chow: any of the pita dips
Best deal: Pita Pizza, comes with 3 toppings,

The story: Ok upstairs = quiet, possibly live music (jazz) good place for a date. Downstairs = louder music, big screen TV (often on Fox), dark, smoky good for large group (some tables seat 10 or so)
Lots of beer. I am not even gong to get into what they have I like the Gennesse cream ale, cause its cheap and good, when I am not drinking Guinness on tap. For food, take a good look at there appetizers and keep to the pasta. I don't think the sandwiches are all that exciting. I really like the lasagna (veggie or meat). Something else that is often overlooked are the salads. I lived off of the spinach salad and manicotti for a while there. The staff is super nice. Often when I go there I get offered the beer I usually drink, instead of having to ask for it. I think I offended one of them once though... but I can't really be sure. I think she was having a bad day. Cheesecake is good here, but small. Oh something that's not on the menu is garlic bread with cheese and some sauce to dip it in. I loved getting that for a long time.
You have to try the pita dips its just the way the world goes!
This place gets no meat, its super laid back, not a 'tight black pants' place.


Type: nothing fancy
Best chow: milkshakes
Best deal: shrug

The story: This place is drastically different from its upstairs cousin. It sports a good stage for jazz and karaoke. I have heard lots of good music coming out of this place. I rarely go in though. The staff is friendly, but they rarely push the food. I really dug the milkshake I had there, and the cheesecake was good too (lots of deserts). I think that the menu gets pretty limited later in the evening.but oh well thats characteristic of places round town.. I really like the selection of beer and snacks/dessert they have here. It is enough to keep you happy while listening to music or talking with friends. I don't frequent the downstairs unless there is an event of some kind going on. I haven't had much for a meal there, the kitchen was always half closed. Anyhow, be sure to check out their handy dessert menu and able bar

Champs Upstairs

Type: Bar food
Best chow: anything marked appetizer is sure to be a specialty
Best deal: happy hour?

The story: Darts and pool tables make the upstais markedly different from the downstairs of champs. I have been upstairs a couple of times and really not gotten too excited about it. However, I have met some cool people there. Perhaps it is my self destructive nature that keeps me from going to a place that increases my circle of friends. I think the last time I went there was for a party for a friends sorority. I wasn't really invited but I went anyway. This is one of the bars round town that does that whole 'rent out for parties thing.' I don't understand it... but hey it was fun. upstairs isn't a place to go for food. Just drinks and social stuff, maybe pool and darts. Give it a try for something new (Guinness on tap, so it can't be all bad)


China Inn

Type: Chinese
Best chow: chicken with cashews, beef with oyster sauce (must pronounce it ohyer sauce for them to understand)
Best deal: big portions its all good

The story: Ok, so its a hole in the wall... Ok so you have to park on a slant... But this place is great for checking out a big pile of food for relatively little money. I haven't had anything there I didn't like. Mostly cause everything they have there menu is things that I am familiar with. Good standard food. It's quiet nice place to take family, or a date or pile in with a bunch of friends. Their food reheats better than most chinese restaurants I have eaten at. I know that is an odd for a review, but what is the point of offering you a ton of food if you don't want to eat it later . A great thing to take into account on China Inn is that it is pretty close to campus. An easy walk is always a good thing. See if you can get the 'special' fortune cookies. They were pretty funny (definitely rated R), not sure if they still have them or not.


Chinese Kitchen

Type: Chinese
Best chow: General Tso
Best deal: I dig the lunch specials

The story: This is one of those joints that you don't want to bother with if you want killer original food, or fancy tablecloths. There are pictures of food on the wall and you point at a menu to order. Its as simple as it needs to be. I love getting food from here. Best thing is to call them up and tell them what you want. The guy will tell you that the food will be ready in like 3 minutes. I can't get there in 3 minutes.. Super nice people working there. They make General Tso's chicken like no one else. Always good food. oh wait, not always. DO NOT get food from here at off peak times, like right before closing. It's not a good thing. Stick to the main meal times, and all will be well.


Double Dragon

Type: Chinese
Best chow: Beef w/ Broccoli
Best deal: lunch specials again

The story: Just like the Kitchen, pictures of food on the wall point at a menu to order. They aren't as fast as Chinese Kitchen, and the General Tso's is very different. Again, DO NOT get food from here at off peak times, like right before closing. its not a good thing. Stick to the main meal times, and all will be well.


The Easy Chair

Type: Coffee shop
Best chow: Muffins
Best deal: shrug

The story: This is an odd little place in the University Mall. I don't know why, but I get a weird vibe from this place. It has a bunch of separate rooms with comfy chairs and couches to sit on while you eat or drink coffee. It's not the hangout that Mill Mountain or Bolo's is. I think that's mostly due to its location. I am not a coffee person, (not a caffeine person) so this place is not really on my list of attractions. It was however quiet and the food was pretty tasty. Been a long time since I went there though I am sure they are good if they can last that long in this town.


El Guadalupe
(El Guad)

Type: Mexican
Best chow: shrug
Best deal: shrug

The story: In Blacksburg, some people like El Rodeo, and some like El Guadaloupe. There is very little difference. Most notably, Guad has a nicer place to eat. has a bigger selection of .. well no its just about the same. Everything costs at least another dollar. The food tends to take a bit longer, and the salsa is hotter.

People who like El Rod, don't see the flair of Guadalope worth the extra time and money. Those that like El Guadaloupe, swear the food is much better and think El Rod is a hole in the wall with creepy wait staff. I think they're both the same. This place is just a better place to take your parents I guess.


El Rodeo
(El Rod)

Type: Mexican
Best chow: I dig the Burritos deluxe
Best deal: 3 tacos, for $2.50

The story: In Blacksburg, some people like El Rodeo, and some like El Guadaloupe. There is very little difference. El Rod is really fast and cheap. I have gotten food on the table as quick as 5 minutes. Best time to go, is right after the lunch or dinner rush. The kitchen is in high gear and the people are all gone.

One of the cool things about El Rod is the #F on the menu. Most of the items are numbered in some way. The F is some sort of leftover from a previous menu system I think.
One last word, the help is kind of prone to hitting on the ladies. Just get used to it. They're harmless and rather amusing.



Type: Mediterranean
Best chow: Humus and Pita
Best deal: Large Pizza 5 bucks

The story: This used to be the location of a computer store, but now, it's the best humus you can get anywhere around here. Now for those of you that have never had humus, I'll warn you it looks a bit strange, but it tastes great.

In addition to their great wrap sandwiches, Emilio's makes a really good burger too. Definitely in the top 2 with Mike's. Something else to check out is the Gyro. They make it a little different than Souvlaki does, but it's always good.

I consider this the best restaurant I forget to eat at. I always seem to crave it on Sundays. Just so you know, they're closed on Sundays (grr).


Extreme Pita

Type: Wrap sandwiches
Best chow: Mushrooms
Best deal: Tuesday and Monday, buy a pita get a free drink or cookies (one on one day another on another day)

The story: I have a lot of hostility toward this place because it took over the former location of Carol Lee's donuts. I really miss being able to get donuts downtown. I have heard lots of good things about this place though, but I still can't get myself to walk into what looks like a circus big top with all the bright colors and fluorescents.

So what is the food like? I asked around and I got a big thumbs up from Jill Franklin for "their steak and mushrooms or their chicken and mushrooms... you do not have to get mushrooms... but they taste good on the burner.. yum." The set up inside is like a Subway, Pick your sandwich, and what you want on it then roll out with a drink and a bag of chips or some cookies. Liz Hankins told me all about their buy 9 get one free deal with pitas (just like Subway's sub club). She also gave a 'boy howdy' for the super attractive/nice people that work there. I like the people that work there too actually. I have talked to a few of them outside the shop. They earn Extreme Pita its meat market status.

They also deliver, which is nice for sandwich places. I highly recommend ordering sandwiches from places that deliver. Sometimes it's good to get out of that pizza rut.

Something odd about El Pita Extremo, hiding in the corner of the store is a guy selling bagels from the former Preston's restaurant. Check out 'Preston's II' for the details.


Famous Anthony's

Type: Deli Style food
Best chow: BBQ Pork
Best deal: dunno

The story: The first time I saw this place I thought it was some sort of spin off of Anthony's. Famous Anthony's is a chain though. Inside is not all that well kept up according to Hoops. She recommends that if you go to check out the food here, which is well worth the trip, you would be better off getting it to go. The only thing I have eaten here was food that was catered for a very large group. They brought cookies and BBQ pork, and cole slaw. Stuff like that. Not too exciting.I will have to admit though, that I really did like the BBQ pork and I am pretty picky about things like BBQ. I once went to every place in town that sold BBQ pork. The winner came up being Hokie House. I think Famous Anthony's might beat them though. It's been a while since I have had it at HoHo, so I will let them keep their title for now. Famous Anthony's is located kinda out of the way too. Up on South Main street. If you are around there be sure to keep in mind that Double Dragon and El Guadaloupe are out there too.

Anyhow, if you want good food, check it out, but don't bring a hot date, it's not the place



Type: Non commercial veggie madness
Best chow: Breakfast!!
Best deal: bean burrito (it's huge)

The story: You walk into the door, sit down wherever. The help is wearing tshirts and old jeans. The only meat you see on the menu is tuna salad. There's no coke, no pepsi. But there is always a good crowd. It's one of those places that not everyone has been to. But most who have can't go too long without going back. Eileen likes that it's a good place to grab a heavy OR a light meal. She usually gets the Quesadillas, which I like as well. You can get 3 'toppings' on them. I like getting spinach artichokes and black ollives. Oh man the food is good I am getting hungry right now.

One of the things I like best is the 3 menu system. They have breakfast from 7am-10am, Lunch till about 4 (I think) and then dinner till about 9 or 10pm. You get completely different food options each time. (I think the lunch items are still options at dinner, but dinner items aren't options for lunch) Breakfast is served till 2pm on the weekend.

This is no doubt one of my favorite places to go eat. I could tell you a ton about it, but I am not going to waste your time. Look at the ratings I gave it. It's as impressive as it can get. If you come to Blacksburg, you MUST eat at Gillies. That's all there is to it.



Type: Japanese
Best chow: Tasty Carrots
Best deal: All

The story: I can't remember why I started going here, and oddly, I don't remember why I stopped. Hokaido is an eclectic place. The food is Japanese. The cooks are Philipino. The owners are defintely locals. I joked about expecting to see a Shinto shrine to Nascar in there.

The menu is short. Only really 2x2 items on it.

  • Chicken with mushrooms
  • Chicken with broccoli
  • Beef with mushrooms
  • Beef with broccoli

It's all served over rice in styrofoam containters regardless of whether or not you get it to go. The carrots are very tasty, for one simple reason. They don't taste at all like carrots, they taste like sweet potatoes. Regardless of it being a weird place its tasty. Try it for delivery some time!


Hokie House

Type: Burgers and sandwiches
Best chow: Wings and BBQ
Best deal: 26 oz mugs of beer for $2 5-6pm every day

The story: I like Hokie House. Most pass it by as far as food goes. If you eat there, eat downstairs. They rarely have the wait that most places do for lunch. The beer selection is exelent and they do a great job with everything on their menu. If you go there, I recomend you try the following

Nachos - Feed about 8 people
Half Pound Burgers - Bleu Cheese Burger, Dill Dip Burger, Big Top (Onion Rings on top), MOS burger (Mushroom Onion Swiss), Hokie Pokie Burger (fried egg on top) Montreal Burger, Garden Burger and the Heart Stopper (two burgers twice the bacon twice the cheese). If you can't find something you like, face it you don't like burgers..
Wings - Best in town.. dont get them hot though just get medium. They don't know how to make hot.
Pork BBQ - Best in town.. no matter what they say around anywhere else.. I checked everywhere in town a few years back.


Hunan King

Type: Chinese
Best chow: Buffet
Best deal: Buffet

The story: This is not going to be a positive review. I know lots of people that like the food at Hunan King. However, I don't eat at Hunan King anymore. Let's leave it at that.


Ice Cream Crank

India Garden


Joe's Diner



Maria's Cafe

Type: Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches
Best chow: calzone
Best deal: 8" sub and fries or chips only $4.99

The story: Submitted by Lindsay Ham:
I used to work at this place. The food is really good. Owned by the same people who run Alpha's. Same menu for the most part just eat in or carryout instead of delivery. Definitely worth checking out!

My story: Ok I'd have to agree with all that Lindsay had to say. So don't be detered by the fact that she worked there. The food is good, the place is quiet, and it's not expensive for anything I saw. I have eaten there once. They do have beer but I still can't remember much about the selection. Just like Apha's, you will get consistant good food without the glitz.



Mill Mountain






Our Daily Bread




Poor Billy's


Preston's is now Woody's

Preston's II
Located in Extreme Pita)

Best chow:
Best deal:

The story:






Sycamore Deli


Ton 80


Top of the Stairs (TOTS)


Type: Sandwiches, wraps and appetizers
Best chow: Spicy Crab Dip, Al's marinade
Best deal: fries and tater tots for like a buck during happy hour

The story: Submitted by Skip:
So last night Kia and I ordered the Spicy Crab Dip and the Salsa con Queso. The salsa was good, but let's back to the crab dip. It was AWESOME! HOT HOT HOT! And the crab meat was pretty dang good too! So I'd recommend checking that out next time. Oh, and the atmosphere is picking up.

My story: Tots is one of the few places that is still doing live music. Problem is, it is not easy to get bands to show up in Blacksburg anymore. Keep an eye out for good bands and GO SEE THEM! that way we can keep them coming back.

As for food my pick is the Al's Marinaded chicken or my new favorite, a BLT with jalepenos. I accidently ordered the BLTJ one time when I was trying to get stuffed jalepenos to substitute for fries. In the end I got a BLT with Jalepenos on the side. Man that was a good sandwich.

Lastly, the deck on TOTS is nothing like anywhere else. Makes TOTS the place to be on bright sunny days. It's a super frat hangout at night though, and doesn't usually let unders in. Use that info as you see fit.

The Underground

Vietnamese Tea House



Water Street Gallery



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