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I recently had an IM conversation with one of the creators of the Madison D.C. Some day I hope to start my own... but in the mean time... I just cook without rules...

DC creator: Nick

me: me

me: howsit?
nick: yo ...
me: what is your idea for dinner club?
nick: for dinner club tonight?
me: no in general... the concept
nick: um... let's see, the concept of dinner club...
nick: Dinner club as it exists today ...
nick: ...actually is the result of a couple other d.c. runs in prior years.
nick: Rima and I thought it would be nice to occasionally get together with our friends Marcis and Daiva. Of course, food had to be involved...
nick: so we though it would be cool to take turns cooking...
nick: that went on for about 5 months, but then Marcis and Daiva moved to CT.
me: I feel like I am interviewing you
nick: But then a year later, Rima and Jaime and I were talking with Anna Vaugn (a PT student) about food and how much Anna loves to cook. So we decided to resurrect the dinner club...
nick: yeah, no kidding...
me: you should put this on your website
nick: hmmm... maybe I should... along with the rules, too
me: it would be like... 'an evening with me as interviewed by this guy I know'
nick: ha!
nick: like Kramer on Seinfeld when he appropriated that television set in his apartment.
nick: set meaning backdrop, not a television set to watch
me: right
me: do you find that men with odd hair help you through major decisions on a regular basis?
nick: hmm... perhaps inordinately so, but I must say that the sample size is quite small. which is to say that I'm not sure how many men have actually helped me through major life decisions.
nick: and you?
me: this is your interview...
me: duh
nick: oh... duh
me: so what is the main benefit of dinner club outside or your personal goal to be well fed and surrounded by women
nick: ah, the benefits... :
nick: (1) quality food (as you mentioned)
nick: (2) 5 minute massage trains
nick: (3) wine wine wine
nick: ah, phone ... hold on
nick: back
nick: (4) ideas for what to cook for myself in the future
nick: (5) competition (I think everyone tries to outdo everyone else)
nick: that might be it
me: hmm okie
me: that is pretty good stuff...
me: and when to the (censored) come into play?
nick: after dessert.
nick: or whenever. hell, I'm not particular
me: nod
nick: during soup would be fun, I think
me: perhaps whilst things simmer
nick: yeah. good idea
me: it is always good to get it on while other things are stewin
nick: of course, you could always go for the trifecta -- food sex and tv simultaneously (another seinfeld concept -- jeez it's not so much a sitcom as it is an attempt to take over our thoughts...)
me: I am going to send you an image... you tell me how it makes you feel
me wants to send file baby.jpg.
nick received C:\My Documents\download\nick\baby.jpg.
nick: ha ha ha!
nick: that's a riot!
nick: nice shirt, too
me: would you cook babies at dinner club?
nick: and, thanks to you, I now know how much it will suck to be Lugee
nick: hmm... maybe I'd cook baby lamb
me: hmm
me: is there an adult lamb?
nick: I suppose not
me: so would you consider letting a baby in dinner club?
nick: hmm... only if the baby can cook
me: hmm
me: interesting
me: and what about the massage?
nick: hmm... I'll have to put that one to a vote, I guess
nick: but it's a massage train, so if you don't give, you don't get, and the rest of the club is not worse off
nick: so, yeah, the baby's in if he can cook
me: hmm I think that the massage train would be restructured if a baby were there
me: especially a cooking baby
me: I mean crap!
nick: yeah, I'd bring my camera to that one
nick: speaking of crap...
nick: brb
me: righto
nick: back
nick: I had corn yesterday, it turns out
me: yeesh
nick: yes, the old "corn tracer method"
me: the ol loosey deucey
nick: yebo
nick: so is the snow accumulating?
me: nope
me: done this morning
nick: I was on the union terrace today... the chairs weren't out yet, but we had a beer anyways
me: too early in the day?
me: or too late in the night... thats what I say
nick: too early in the year -- they keep them cooped up in the winter... maybe next weekend
me: ah
nick: going to shut down -- need to get ready for the big hunt tonight.
me: cool later man... feel free to save the conversation and use it on your site
nick: I'm going to kick your ass now
me: dang

April 6, 2002

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